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    Aug 2013
    District 8
    DH- Evander Phillip Blakewood (auburn hair, brown eyes)
    Reaped when he was younger
    Store Owner

    DW- Hermione Olive Blakewood
    black hair, grey eyes

    DD- Luna Cheyenne Blakewood (19)
    red hair, brown eyes

    DS- Brody Jason Blakewood (17)
    auburn hair, green eyes

    DD- Taya Scarlett Blakewood (13)
    brown hair, hazel eyes

    DD- Ebony Sophia Blakewood (8)
    black hair, blue eyes
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    District 11 (Agriculture)
    DH: Menelaos Hugh Proctor - Harvester
    Blonde, hazel eyes
    DW: Gráinne Mary Proctor (née Thatcher) - Victor/Harvester
    Brown hair, grey eyes

    DD: Aisling Holly Proctor - Irrigator
    Blonde, grey eyes

    DS: Rohan Elias Proctor - Gardener
    Brown hair, hazel eyes

    DS: Marco Alistair Proctor - Harvester
    Blonde, hazel eyes

    DD: Lorena Esther Proctor - Gardener
    Red hair, grey eyes

    DS: Ezra Hamish Proctor - Irrigator
    Red hair, hazel eyes
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    Part 1: Husband and Wife
    District: District 6 (Transportation)
    Surname: Steele
    First name: Evander Paul & Alexandra Marie
    Appearance: Evander (Hazel eyes, Auburn hair) & Alex (Blue eyes, Brown hair)
    Background: Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger? No
    Occupation: Evander (Store Owner) & Alex (Geologist)

    Part 2: Children
    Ruby Emma Steele (Blonde hair & Hazel eyes), 18, Geologist
    Gabriel Finley Steele (Brown hair & Grey eyes), 17
    Evelyn Rose Steele (Auburn hair & Blue eyes), 15
    Patrick Ethan Steele (Brown hair & Hazel eyes), 15
    Josephine Sydney Steele (Red hair & Hazel eyes), 12

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    Sep 2013
    England, West Midlands
    District- 7 (Lumber)

    DH: Finn William Blakewood- Hunger Games Victor
    Appearance- Brown Hair and Brown eyes
    Occupation- Is a Furniture builder

    DW: Ismene Cora Blakewood
    Appearance- Auburn Hair and Green eyes
    Occupation- Store Owner

    DS: James Nicholas, Brown Hair Green eyes (20), Occupation: Furniture Builder
    DD/DD: Clove Annabelle and Lucia Isabelle, Brown Hair Green eyes (17)
    DS: Max William, Brown Hair Grey eyes (15)
    DS: Joshua Daniel, Brown Hair Green eyes (14)
    DD: Amelie Georgia, Red Hair Green eyes (12)
    DS: Connor Samuel, Brown Hair Brown eyes (10)
    DD: Katie Macbeth, Auburn Hair Blue eyes (8)
    DD: Lily Cecelia, Red Hair Green eyes (6)
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    Aug 2013
    PART 1: Husband and Wife

    District: District 5 (Power)

    Surname: Bane (nee Steele)

    DH: Evander Joseph Bane
    -Brown Hair
    -Brown Eyes
    -Store Owner
    DW: Antigone Margaret Bane (nee Steele)
    -Auburn Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    -Store Owner

    PART 2: Children

    DS: Owen Matthew Bane
    -Blonde Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    DS: Noah William Bane
    -Black Hair
    -Blue Eyes
    -Equipment Manager
    DD: Lucy Annabelle Bane
    -Brown Hair
    -Grey Eyes
    -Systems Analyst
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