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    The Hunger Games Inspired BNG

    This is a game that will involve the Hunger Games only slightly. You really don't need to know much about the books or movie to participate. Please enjoy!

    NOTE: Sorry that the lists for the husband and wife first names are so long; I tried to refine the lists so that only the male names would show when choosing a name for the husband and only the female names would show when choosing a name for the wife, but, unfortunately the links weren't working so I had to combine the lists into both genders and there are a lot more names to go through when choosing a name. Once again, sorry! Please enjoy the game anyways!

    PART 1: Husband and Wife
    12-Sided Dice:
    6-Sided Dice:

    District: Roll the 12-sided dice to determine your district:

    1: District 4 (Fishing)
    2: District 9 (Grain)
    3: District 12 (Mining)
    4: District 2 (Masonry)
    5: District 7 (Lumber)
    6: District 1 (Luxury)
    7: District 11 (Agriculture)
    8: District 10 (Livestock)
    9: District 8 (Textiles)
    10: District 3 (Technology)
    11: District 5 (Power)
    12: District 6 (Transportation)

    Surname: Choose from namebank, according to district.

    District 1, 2 or 3: Baudelaire, West, Lesedi, Overton, Norewood, Valentine, Colebank, Ballentine, Draven, Carrington or Jasper
    District 4, 5 or 6: Jett, Justice, Jaeger, Ayers, Logan, Ridge, Ransom, Steele, Langston, Bane or Grayson
    District 7, 8 or 9: Blakewood, Wolfe, Maxwell, Ingram, Dixon, Barlow, Eastham, Nash, James, Brown or Thayer
    District 10, 11 or 12: Thorne, Proctor, Quincy, Nightingale, Steele, Huntington, Forrester, Worth, Black, Sage or Thatcher

    First name (husband and wife): Roll the six-sided dice and choose from that list, repeat for wife.


    Middle name (husband and wife): Choose from link below.

    Appearance: Roll six-sided dice for hair and eye color; once for Husband and once for Wife.

    Hair color:
    1. Brown
    2. Auburn
    3. Blonde
    4. Red
    5. Black
    6. Your Choice

    Eye color:
    1. Green
    2. Hazel
    3. Brown
    4. Blue
    5. Grey
    6. Your Choice

    Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger? (Roll)
    1, 3 or 5: Yes
    2, 4 or 6: No

    If yes, which one? (Roll)
    1, 2 or 3: Husband
    4, 5 or 6: Wife

    Occupation: Roll once for Husband and once for Wife. If you roll District Occupation, follow the list below it and choose according to district.

    1 or 2: Store Owner or Apothecary (You choose)
    3: Mayor or Peacekeeper (You choose)
    4, 5 or 6: District Occupation

    [1 - Goldsmith, Furrier, Perfumer, Jeweler, Winemaker
    2 - Stonemason, Plasterer, Brick Mason, Brick Layer, Concrete Finisher
    3 - Technician, Engineer, Tester, Technical Support, Assembly Operation, Assembly Operator
    4 - Canner, Trawler, Ship Captain, Deckhand, Longliner
    5 - Systems Analyst, Engineer, Equipment Manager, Maintenance, Plant Security Officer
    6 - Mechanic, Conductor, Porter, Baggage Handler, Router
    7 - Load Puller, Furniture Builder, Lead Climber, Carpenter, Lumberjack
    8 - Warehouse Manager, Weaver, Factory Worker, Designer, Dressmaker
    9 - Plower, Cropper, Sower, Farmer, Harvester
    10 - Barn Manager, Milker, Rancher, Breeder, Butcher
    11 - Sorter, Farmhand, Gardener, Harvester, Irrigator
    12 - Coal Miner, Metallurgist, Geologist, Surveyor, Blaster]

    Go here for Part Two:
    Go here for Part Three:
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