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    depends on the day and the book...

    The Hunger Games Inspired BNG

    This is a game that will involve the Hunger Games only slightly. You really don't need to know much about the books or movie to participate. Please enjoy!

    NOTE: Sorry that the lists for the husband and wife first names are so long; I tried to refine the lists so that only the male names would show when choosing a name for the husband and only the female names would show when choosing a name for the wife, but, unfortunately the links weren't working so I had to combine the lists into both genders and there are a lot more names to go through when choosing a name. Once again, sorry! Please enjoy the game anyways!

    PART 1: Husband and Wife
    12-Sided Dice:
    6-Sided Dice:

    District: Roll the 12-sided dice to determine your district:

    1: District 4 (Fishing)
    2: District 9 (Grain)
    3: District 12 (Mining)
    4: District 2 (Masonry)
    5: District 7 (Lumber)
    6: District 1 (Luxury)
    7: District 11 (Agriculture)
    8: District 10 (Livestock)
    9: District 8 (Textiles)
    10: District 3 (Technology)
    11: District 5 (Power)
    12: District 6 (Transportation)

    Surname: Choose from namebank, according to district.

    District 1, 2 or 3: Baudelaire, West, Lesedi, Overton, Norewood, Valentine, Colebank, Ballentine, Draven, Carrington or Jasper
    District 4, 5 or 6: Jett, Justice, Jaeger, Ayers, Logan, Ridge, Ransom, Steele, Langston, Bane or Grayson
    District 7, 8 or 9: Blakewood, Wolfe, Maxwell, Ingram, Dixon, Barlow, Eastham, Nash, James, Brown or Thayer
    District 10, 11 or 12: Thorne, Proctor, Quincy, Nightingale, Steele, Huntington, Forrester, Worth, Black, Sage or Thatcher

    First name (husband and wife): Roll the six-sided dice and choose from that list, repeat for wife.


    Middle name (husband and wife): Choose from link below.

    Appearance: Roll six-sided dice for hair and eye color; once for Husband and once for Wife.

    Hair color:
    1. Brown
    2. Auburn
    3. Blonde
    4. Red
    5. Black
    6. Your Choice

    Eye color:
    1. Green
    2. Hazel
    3. Brown
    4. Blue
    5. Grey
    6. Your Choice

    Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger? (Roll)
    1, 3 or 5: Yes
    2, 4 or 6: No

    If yes, which one? (Roll)
    1, 2 or 3: Husband
    4, 5 or 6: Wife

    Occupation: Roll once for Husband and once for Wife. If you roll District Occupation, follow the list below it and choose according to district.

    1 or 2: Store Owner or Apothecary (You choose)
    3: Mayor or Peacekeeper (You choose)
    4, 5 or 6: District Occupation

    [1 - Goldsmith, Furrier, Perfumer, Jeweler, Winemaker
    2 - Stonemason, Plasterer, Brick Mason, Brick Layer, Concrete Finisher
    3 - Technician, Engineer, Tester, Technical Support, Assembly Operation, Assembly Operator
    4 - Canner, Trawler, Ship Captain, Deckhand, Longliner
    5 - Systems Analyst, Engineer, Equipment Manager, Maintenance, Plant Security Officer
    6 - Mechanic, Conductor, Porter, Baggage Handler, Router
    7 - Load Puller, Furniture Builder, Lead Climber, Carpenter, Lumberjack
    8 - Warehouse Manager, Weaver, Factory Worker, Designer, Dressmaker
    9 - Plower, Cropper, Sower, Farmer, Harvester
    10 - Barn Manager, Milker, Rancher, Breeder, Butcher
    11 - Sorter, Farmhand, Gardener, Harvester, Irrigator
    12 - Coal Miner, Metallurgist, Geologist, Surveyor, Blaster]

    Go here for Part Two:
    Go here for Part Three:
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    5: District 7 (Lumber)
    LN: Bane

    DH: Remus James, short light brown hair, hazel eyes, Furniture builder
    DW: Thalia Hazel, long wavy dark brown hair, light blue eyes, Apothecary

    Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger?
    2, 4 or 6: No
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    District 8 (textiles) with the last name Blackwood.

    Husband: Emer Theodore Blackwood
    (Brown hair, Brown eyes, Mayor)

    Wife: Phiobe Mae Blackwood
    (Red hair, Hazel eyes, In Hunger Games, Engineer)

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    District 5 (Power)

    District 4, 5 or 6: Jaeger

    First name (husband and wife):
    Husband, 4, Atlas
    Wife, 1, Flora

    Middle name (husband and wife):
    Atlas Oscar
    Flora Jane

    Atlas, Hair is Black, Eyes are Black
    Flora, Hair is Blonde, Eyes are Grey

    Was Husband or Wife reaped into the Hunger Games when they were younger?
    1, 3 or 5: Yes

    If yes, which one?
    4, 5 or 6: Flora

    Atlas, Mayor
    Flora, District Occupation, Engineer

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    Rolled a 3 - District 12 (mining)
    Surname - Nightingale

    Husband - Fintan Cael Nightingale - Brown hair, green eyes, coal miner
    Wife - Ness Aoife (pronounced Ee-Fuh) Nightingale - Brown hair, gray eyes, coal miner

    Fintan was reaped in the Hunger Games

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