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    Middle name for Olivia

    I need suggestions for a middle name for Olivia that sound good with the last name Reid!

    She has an older sister named Emmeline Mariah
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    Olivia has 4 syllables, one is very quick, so I kind of think of it like 3.5.
    Reid is short, 1 syllable.
    A 2 or 3 syllable middle is going to sound best (2 probably often better than 3).
    You may or may not care about avoiding the word OAR.
    Although names starting with vowels may not be best, as they'll run into Olivia.
    Also ending in A may be very repetitive.
    You may want to avoid names ending in R or -ree sound because they will run into / repeat Reid. (and maybe too much long E in general).
    Many people would not like the initials OJ, some also may not like OB although I find that more obscure.
    Another R before Reid may be too alliterative for some tastes.

    What is your style? Some that come to mind

    Olivia Beatrice Reid
    Olivia Beatrix Reid
    Olivia Caroline Reid
    Olivia Constance Reid
    Olivia Florence Reid
    Olivia Frances Reid
    Olivia Margot Reid
    Olivia Natalie Reid
    Olivia Patience Reid
    Olivia Stephanie Reid
    Olivia Susan Reid

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    I like Olivia Florence! It's adorable and I love the name Florence!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Olivia! I think Olivia Scarlett from your other thread is fine. Quite pretty, actually. For some reason, Scarlett's always just rubbed me the wrong way, but it is a nice name and Olivia Scarlett is lovely.

    What about:

    Olivia Penelope (maybe on the long side, but I think with the short surname Reid, it's fine)
    Olivia Jane
    Olivia Claire
    Olivia Blythe
    Olivia Camille
    Olivia Josephine
    Olivia Catherine
    Olivia Charlotte
    Olivia Cecily (love the Importance of Being Earnest connection!)
    Olivia Gwendolyn
    Olivia Zoe
    Olivia Georgiana

    Good luck!
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