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    I'm sure you'll think Ronan and/or Roman are way too close, but I thought I'd lay it out there anyways. Now the name Bronwyn is an old Welsh name which I know probably isn't something you're looking for, but you mentioned Irish surname and so I can't help but think that if you're mentioning it might share traits of common Irish surnames, specifically the O' beginning. I think Bronwyn would roll smoothly with almost any of those? Note: It can be spelled Bronwen but the 'wyn' typically is associated with the feminine form.
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    ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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    How do you feel about Breccan?

    ETA: I'm worried it would get lumped with the million "Br" names but love the meaning of it- "freckled" as it would follow with Rowans "Little redhead" meaning as my husband is redheaded/freckled. They won't get those physical traits from him (blame my strong genes) so I like the nod to them with the names.
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