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Thread: Which is best?

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    Which is best?

    What do you think of these names?
    Please feel free to suggest any names!
    Her big sister's name is Emmeline Mariah

    Olivia Scarlett
    Catherine Adele
    Louisa Charlotte
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    Catherine Adele is gorgeous so it's my top pick. I love Louisa and Charlotte but together there is a lot of the "s" sound. I don't like Scarlett but Olivia Scarlett flows well.
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    Thanks! Any suggestions?

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    Olivia Scarlett- These don't mix well to me. Olivia sounds more mystic and is Shakespearean whereas Scarlett is more va-va-voom and bombshell.

    Charlotte Adele- This goes nicely. I prefer Adele, it's much more sleek than Charlotte, but they sound okay.

    Louisa Charlotte- My favorite out of your choices. This flows the best stylistically and phonetically. They're both strong vintage classics.
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    Any suggestions for a middle name for Olivia?

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