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    wdyt of the sibset Samuel, Theodore and Genevieve

    Hello :-)

    These are my favourite names right now, and wondered what your opinions of them are.

    Samuel George
    Theodore James
    Genevieve Pearl

    "Sam, Theo and Nevie"

    Thank you :-)

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    I love Samuel, Theodore and Genevieve, and Sam, Theo and Nevie are just adorable as nicknames! However, if you're asking about middle names too, I personally am not a huge fan of the name Pearl, and it slightly seems to me that it lacks the classic feel of your boy middle names. If you want to keep with the one syllable theme (which I love), Genevieve May or Genevieve Maud/e comes to mind, but I particularly like Genevieve Claire - feel free to ignore me regarding Pearl though as it all comes down to what you love anyway. Good luck!

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    I love Theodore and Genevieve and I like Samuel. They're all classic and timeless choices so they make a wonderful sibset.

    I love Sam and Theo but would have Evie as a nn for Genevieve rather than Nevie.
    All the best,

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    Lovely sibset-- I like Evie better for Genevieve too.

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    Theodore and Genevieve are gorgeous and distinctive, but Samuel seems dated to me -- probably because I know so many.
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