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    Does anyone know if Merle is related to Mireille in French? Or Mirel?

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    I prefer Merel to Aya. I think it has more substance. Merle is nice, but I think there may be some pronunciation issues if you live in the US.

    Some more bird names

    Oriole (I knew an older lady named Oriole once. She went by Ori. She was a pistol.)
    Paloma (my favorite- Spanish for dove)
    Under construction...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjs2130 View Post
    Does anyone know if Merle is related to Mireille in French? Or Mirel?
    I don't think so - the French Merle (MURL) comes from the Latin 'merula' ("blackbird"), according to, whereas Mirielle (mee-RAY) comes from the Occitan verb 'mirar' ("to admire"). Merle is also a diminutive of Muriel, which means "bright sea", but I don't think it bears any relation to Mireille. Sorry!

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    Aya is one of our top names (though as a nickname).

    Avocet is one of my favorite bird names, and I went through a Tesia phase recently.

    This website is an assault on the eyes, but I like the list:
    One little born 1/14

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    Thanks everyone! It's a toss up. I'm hearing that Aya is pretty, Merel is more substantial. Any final thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

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