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Thread: Daisy?

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    I know two people with the name Daisy, one is about 7 and the other is 17. Despite knowing the older one I still can't see this name on anyone older than 10. I think it's a lovely name, very sweet, and for a short while it was on my list. However in the end I had to admit defeat because I can not, and will not ever, be able to see this name on a fully grown woman.
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    I like Daisy. I find it hard to see it aging well, as do a lot of people, but I still think it's sweet. Daisies are some of my favorite flowers. I really like it as a MN. I've considered Adeline Daisy in the past, and I am sort of liking (okay, really liking!) Eleanor Daisy atm. I think Daisy could be a cute nn for Adelaide or Margaret, though...
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    I like Daisy, I don't think about dogs when I hear it at all, if anything i've met a rediculous amount of dogs called Jessie (my name), but no one thinks of dogs when they hear Jessie (I don't think?) Anyway Daisy is a lovely name and I love the Gatsby reference.

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    I'm not especially fond of flower names for girls, but aside from that, no major objections. If I had to choose a flower name...Iris.

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    I've never met a dog named Daisy but I have meet a little girl by the name. Daisy is sweet and sassy! She's The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey - her only downfall is how youthful she is - I can't picture a middle-aged or elderly Daisy.
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