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    Was "Vada" in My Girl supposed to refer to the Hindu sacred texts? I don't remember the movie very well.

    Anyway, if it is, and you chose to use it, I thought you might want to know that the texts are the "Vedas" and the proper pronunciation is "Ved-a".
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    Feel free to ask me about Sanskrit-based names.

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    Poppy and Thea

    Felix and Jude

    Oliver and Thea
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    They're all fine names though I'm less fond of Poppy and Thea than the others.
    Since you had asked for other combos I have to say my favored combo for two girls would be Adeline Joan & Juliet Arline.
    For the boys I'd juggle the middles to match up Graham Jackson & Nolan David or Felix Jackson & Nolan David.
    For boy/girl twins I love your first match up of Juliet Arline and Graham Jackson, that's my favorite pairing of all your choices.
    Good luck!

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    Hi there!

    My oldest daughters name is Vada and she LOVES it! That said she is totally the extroverted free bird of a child that could handle it.

    Daughter #2's middle name is Juliet and then daughter #3 is Penelope but goes by Posey.

    Apparently we have the exact same style because the 2 boy name we always came down to we're Jude and Graham!

    Please don't be nervous about using Vada if it is a name you love. We do live in the south but we have received way more compliments than you would have imagined. That said, I'm totally okay with people not liking my names since I don't want them to become uber-popular!

    Best of luck on your choices!


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