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    @labelo- lol we are actually originally from Boston and live in Hawaii. I've actually heard before that Vada sounded more southern; I think I just love it so much because of the movie My Girl. And Thanks for the note about the spelling of Joan- It's funny because she always used to get so angry when people would spell it Joann(e) when she said her name even though she knew it made sense. It turned into a funny on going joke in the family. I think she would actually come back and haunt me for the rest of my life if I dared to spell it joann(e). lol I think I'll take my chances

    We are still mulling over names, we just seem to keep coming to a halt, because we love all our names! We definitely need to start at least eliminating. As sad as it makes me, I think Vada might be out in this next round of cuts

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