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    First off, congrats, and you have great names on these lists! Some ideas for you or things to consider:

    1. Are you planning to have more kids? If you have these two and then have more, what sort of names might you want to consider next time? If you're truly undecided about style direction, trying to build a sibling set - assuming you will have more than these two - could help.

    2. Are you nickname people, or do you prefer short and sweet and to the point? If you're nickname people, longer classic names with spunky nicknames could fit both of your needs. If you're planning to call the babies by their given names, maybe those short names you tend to like are better.

    3. Can you see yourself saying or writing certain names over others? Write them out as if you're putting a child's doctor's appointment or swim lesson on your calendar. As petty as it may seem, do you like the way the name looks in your handwriting? Your partner's? Do you like the way the name sounds on your tongue, or is it clunky or strange? Your partner's? I know you want to keep the names hidden from family, but do you anticipate any issues with how they might say the names (or shorten them)?

    TWO GIRLS: All of that being said, I think Amelia and Juliet is a very versatile set. Why? Because you've got two stunner classic girl names (with a twist, because you could've used Emily and Julia, right?!), with perky nicknames like Mia and Jules or Lia and Jet. If it matters to you at all, I think Adeline is going to be all over, as will Felicity. Amelia and Juliet had their day in the sun, so they're sweet and familiar, but not on the verge of sudden breakthrough, necessarily. To me, Vada and Tatum just don't work. Genders aren't quite clear, and stylistically they seem rather all over the place. But, Poppy and Thea are fabulous if you want perky, feminine names. They definitely say girly, if that matters to you. Another thought? Use vintage Penelope and Dorothea and call the girls Poppy and Thea (or Nell and Dot, Penny and Dotty). Or, really mix it up and match on energy with Thea and Juliet.

    TWO BOYS: With the exception of Nolan, all of your names are in the fairly classic domain, so feel free to mix and match here. And, you do not need to match on length or syllables. Oliver and Jude, Elijah and Jude, Felix and Oliver, Felix and Graham - seriously, they all work. Nolan actually pairs best with Jude in my opinion. That being said, although Jude is my favorite name on your list, Jude David doesn't have the best flow, and Nolan Jackson could be better, too. I'd probably say Oliver Jackson and Felix David is the best set.

    MIXED SET: Well, here we're just mixing and matching the best of the best. My favorites? Oliver and Amelia, Oliver and Juliet, Felicity and Oliver, Adeline and Oliver, Felix and Juliet, Adeline and Felix, Elijah and Felicity, maybe Poppy and Felix or Oliver and Thea.

    Others to consider: Abel, Arlo, Hugo, Leon, Luca, Milo, Otto, Otis, Theo, Toby, Ezra, Owen, Roan, Cleo, Nina, Cora, Elsa, Romy, Ines, Mila, Iris, Esme, Leia, Zola, Zora, Eden, Zara, Lila, etc. You can really capitalize on a short, punchy name. Some of my favorites:

    Hugo and Ezra - Hugo David and Ezra Jackson - My fave!
    Otto and Leon - Otto Jackson and Leon David - My fave!
    Toby and Milo - Toby Jackson and Milo David - My fave!
    Arlo and Roan - Arlo Jackson and Roan David

    Esme and Lila - Esme Arline and Lila Joan - My fave! (Esme pairs nicely with Zara, too!)
    Iris and Elsa - Iris Arline and Elsa Joan
    Nina and Zara -Nina Arline and Zara Joan
    Romy and Cleo - Romy Joan and Cleo Arline

    Abel and Eden - Abel Jackson and Eden Arline
    Owen and Lila - Owen David and Lila Joan - My fave!
    Otto and Iris - Otto Jackson and Iris Arline - My fave!
    Theo and Cora - Theo David and Cora Joan

    PM me if you can't find me back! I'm a twin and love helping with twin Baby Berries!

    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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    Other Favorites: Eliza (Eliza Wren), Juliet, Rosanna, Thea, Johanna, Jude

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    I like:
    Vada & Tatum
    Jude & Nolan
    Oliver & Adeline
    Current Faves:

    Chanlee Grace, Tierney Elizabeth, Elodie Marie, and Ava Cate

    Aiden Riley, Logan Adam, Keegan Elliot and Liam James

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    Looking at your girl names, I just don't think you can go wrong with Adeline and Felicity. They are so gorgeous! I know Adeline is racing up the charts right now, but it is such a gorgeous twinset. Your other three girl pairs are all nice (although I do not like Poppy), but I just love the classic beauty of Adeline and Felicity.

    Looking at your boys is harder for me. I think Felix and Jude is my favorite, but Graham, Oliver, and Elijah are all such good names too.

    For boy and girl I like cool factor in Vada and Jude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamtarat View Post
    Aww Thanks redwillow! We thought maybe we were all over the place since we like old fashioned/feminine names and then throw in random ones same with boys names haha. But, it pretty much fits us as we both seem to like everything! We are still totally stuck as we just can't seem to decide one just one. We might have to have like 12 kids just to name them all! I think I am leaning towards Juliet and Graham as at least one of the g/g b/b set but she is pretty into Felicity and Jude at the moment... so it should be interesting. I will be sure to keep you updated and thanks again for the compliment. and p.s. I love your list too! Sebastian and Penelope nearly made our list also!
    You're so welcome! I love this thread so much. And you can never go wrong with timeless classics!!! I'm a sucker for them, ehe. And there are so many great names to choose from, so I hear yah there. Juliet and Graham are both great names! A cousin of mine just had a son they named Graham. Graham is a great name; gotta be careful though with some names. Whenever I see a name, I always think of any possible negativity that might come with it later on. Kids are so mean (personal experience there- yikes) so thinking like that may come in handy when narrowing down the name list. Felicity and Jude are great as well! Not loving them as much as the others though.

    Really loving Juliet and Thea! Weighing in on the Vada discussion, I'm not as huge a fan of it. Hear it a lot here in the South. When I was in preschool the owner of the place was actually names La Vada, so I just have an odd connotation with it. As for it being too tough for Juliet- I don't really think someone can judge those sorts of things. But I like to shake things up like that.

    I love the name Lilah! I think Lilah and Juliet go well together. I really even love Lilah and Felicity too. Lilah and Thea though, now that's pretty awesome. I don't think Adeline and Lilah sound sound similar, and I'm really fond of the name pairing because they are so different. In length and sound. Lilah has a softer sound then Adeline. And I love the differences. (Random side note, the aforementioned cousin who named his son Graham, also has a daughter named Adeline).

    Oh yes, please do keep me updated when the time comes! I'm very excited to hear what you and your partner settle with! (: And thank you! I've always been particularly fond of Sebastian and Penelope!
    “Never forget who you are, for surely the world won’t. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”
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    I like Poppy & Thea but prefer Oliver with Jude or maybe Theodore if you like nn Theo? Oliver and Poppyis a precious combination, too.
    Mom to 2 girls ♥ Bayard McConnell "Bay" & Marguerite Davis "Maple"

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