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    Of your girl/girl combos, my favourite is Poppy Arline and Thea Joan, followed by Adeline/Felicity and Juliet/Amelia. I'm really not a fan of Vada (sounds like a cleaning product to me) or Tatum (masculine and doesn't fit with your others).

    For your boy/boy combos, I like Graham Jackson and Oliver David, then Nolan/Elijah, then Felix/Jude.

    Lastly, boy/girl. My favourite is Oliver David and Thea Joan, then Juliet/Graham, then Vada/Jude.

    I know the middle names are family (and I think they work really well with your first name options), but if I saw Arline and Joan I probably wouldn't pronounce them the way you're thinking of. It doesn't really matter as they're middle names, but I'd be inclined to pronounce Arline as "ar-line" (I'm guessing you want the pr. ar-leen?) and Joan rhyming with "own". I guess the more intuitive spellings would be Arlene or Arleen (unless you want the line pronunciation), and Joann or Joanne. But again - I totally understand these are family names and you may want to keep the original spellings!

    So overall, Poppy & Thea, Oliver & Graham, or Oliver & Thea are my favourite combos! Congrats and good luck!

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    I like Vada and Poppy together!
    I like Jude and Felix
    I like Juliet and Graham
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    Eleanor/Eloise, Cecilia, Josephine, Audrey, Fiona, Vivienne, Hazel, Juliet, Genevieve, Iris, Felicity, Penelope, Daisy, Scarlett, Isla, Claire, Amelia, Caroline, Stella, Eve, Margot, Annabel, Delilah, Ruby, Freya, Esme, Lola, Ivy, Willa, Gemma, Mila

    Oliver, Sebastian, Theodore, Felix, Leo, Roman, Wesley, August, Jasper, Miles, Jude, Silas, Finn, Dashiell, Ford, Elliott, Tristan, Charles, Gabriel, Liam, Wyatt, Declan, Harrison, Levi, Atlas, Luke, Beckett, Wilder, Grey, Beau, Knox, Lincoln

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    Thanks everyone! I love your suggestions! I think Juliet and Thea are both front runners for Girls in a b/g situation and same with Graham and Jude. I think the problem I'm having is that I LOVE the name Vada. Mostly because I love the movie My Girl. My partner loves it too, and we talked about the option of Vada and Juliet together in a g/g combination but werent sure if it would work as a combination? Does Vada seem to tough sounding for Juliet?

    Thank you!

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