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    Poor you, that's very frustrating. I would say that there seems to be alot of faffing about and short feeds with breastfeeding while bottles they just get on and feed. Agnes was tube fed initially and I found it helpful to:

    - give 20ml from a bottle first THEN breastfeed, this seems to stop the 'so hungry I don't know what I'm doing'.

    -between feeds offer the breast where you might otherwise offer a dummy so she makes some comfort associations (if possible drop all pacifier use).

    - swaddle or firmly cuddle her arms while feeding. Felicity is a thrasher who keeps 'loosing' the nipple left to her own devices.

    Good luck and hope this helps.
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    I remember that kissy face thing from Leonie! She could just like the consistent taste of the formula. I gave Leonie plenty of formula and breast fed as well. Eventually she showed a preference for nursing cause I kept on offering it.

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    Blade -- When I've managed to get at least an ounce out of my breast with my terrible pump, she took it willingly from the bottle, so I don't think it's that she prefers the flavor of the formula, but maybe she does prefer it and I'm kidding myself. Sigh.

    I have tried the "give a little and switch with me nipple" and she screams. The times I've gotten her to really latch and eat, it's usually been right after giving her a good ounce or two of formula. She only really using the pacie/soothie/dummy etc when she's fussy while asleep. I don't know what's going on with her with the breast feeding. It's frustrating. I'm trying to contact LLL today or tomorrow. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I had a similar problem when Juni was born and she was diagnosed with tongue tied at 5 days old. Its fairly common, both Juni's cousin's had it too, and is very easy to fix by a qualified midwife/doctor. Its caused by the little membrane under the tongue being too long, which stops them from being able to lift their tongues and suck properly. Generally, tongue tied babies find a bottle easier because they don't have to suck as hard. If you notice that she is dribbling a lot of milk when she drinks from a bottle or that her tongue is slightly heart shaped when she sticks it out, then it might be worth asking the la leche people about tongue tie.
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    I would have a LLL leader or LC come and watch you nurse your baby, see her latch first hand (if again) and see what you can do. With my first, I had a lot of issues in the first 2 months and thankfully had a wonderful LC from the hospital who really helped me continue our bfing relationship. Tongue tie was also my first though, as 2 of mine had that (thankfully, Vio and Linus, neither who were my first) and so did my DH as a baby as it can run in families. Lots of love, its so hard having feeding issues as that becomes your *life*. Send me a PM if you have any other questions, I've nursed 5 kiddos and had lot so of resolved issues along the way, it was hard at times but totally worth it. I hope you are able to give her breastmilk on tap or from a bottle as well, and if not, formula feed with lots of love and peace of mind. <3 You are such a good mama, please keep us updated. <3
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