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    Breastfeeding Help

    Before anyone says "see a specialist" I've seen a specialist. I tried everything I was told and it failed.

    Persephone is almost 3 weeks old and she 98% of the time refuses to breastfeed. She knows how to latch. When she decides to take my nipple, she latches fine. I have PLENTY of milk. The problem is, most of the time she just cries around my nipple. I've tried:

    1) The cradle hold, the cross-cradle, the football hold, and several made up positions that work sometimes and others not.
    2) Pumping. My pump is crap. I don't have the money to buy a good one at the moment and can't go to WIC right now as I think we are making slightly over the money requirements.
    3) Squeezing my milk out and then trying to get her to latch.
    4) Presenting when she's mostly asleep. This worked for a while then she hated it too.
    5) Putting some formula on my breast since she likes it and she screams.
    6) Giving her the bottle and swapping for my nipple quickly.
    7) Nipple shields. She cries around those too...

    I had to start giving her formula in a bottle because she wasn't eating enough and she stopped peeing and got dehydrated so I was forced to by the Doctor. She isn't confused about the nipples because, like I said, when she decides to cooperate, she latches perfectly fine and drinks as much as she supposed to. She's just not doing it most of the time and I don't know why. Help? -- My Amazon Author Page

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