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    It can be a lot of spitting up but not always. There's such a thing as "silent reflux" where the spitting up doesn't happen at all or as frequently. One of the symptoms of reflux is fussiness during nursing. Reflux babies are often happier taking the bottle because they are a little more upright during the process. It's the lying down during nursing that can aggravate it. I think it might be worth bringing this up with your daughter's pediatrician and see what he or she says. If it is reflux, there are medications that can help.
    DD had reflux/silent reflux that was actually caused by her undiagnosed posterior tongue tie. It caused her tongue to sort of hump up in the back of her mouth and if I remember right it triggers the gag reflex. She was more spitty than most babies, but doc said she thought there was some silent reflux going on as well. Listen for a clicking type of sound when she's taking a bottle, that can be a big clue. It went away immediately after her tie was fixed, as did the reflux.

    We're probably just overwhelming you with all the possibilities. Unfortunately, all of it is fairly unhelpful without someone there to watch what's going on in person. :hugs:

    ETA: Her spit up had a kind of burning smell to it. I don't know if that's typical of reflux, or if it was partially the formula we were supplementing with at the time.
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    No, no one's overwhelming me. Most of what's being brought up is things that I've already asked about, already tried, those sorts of things. I appreciate it. When Someone says something I hadn't thought of, I write it down to ask the nurse. Also, I'm allergic to the fragrance they use in most soaps and detergents so it's not that as everything I own is unscented.
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