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    How do you tell if it's a name crush or a life-long love?

    When I was 14 or so I made a long list of favorite names. I don't have it anymore, but I have a feeling that if I were to go back and look at it now, some of them would make me cringe or laugh.

    Even now, sometimes there's a name I hear and think "wow, that's fun!" or am really infatuated with for a while....and then a couple months later I am bored with it or find it annoying or silly.

    Now that I'm actually pregnant and we actually have to give a child a name in a few months, this thought is a little scary to me. What if we pick a name that is just a temporary crush, and then we're stuck with it?

    So, how do you figure out if you're being pulled in by a trend or a fleeting attraction? How do you have confidence that you will continue to love the name in 5 years? I don't have any names that I've been certain about using since 5 years ago! (Especially tricky when there's a partner in the picture to agree with!) Do you have names you thought you loved and then realized it was just a crush? Or, alternatively, did you have a name that you didn't love at first glance, but gradually grew on you to become a life-long love?

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