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    When the name you fall in love with is not one you expected to like!

    We've had a really hard time finding the perfect name for our fourth baby, we've been backwards and forwards and nothing seemed quite right. Any name one of us loved, the other didn't etc. I thought I wanted unusual and feminine and had narrowed my favourites down to Ottilie, Primrose & Isadora, my husband hated them all.

    There's a quote from Mad Men where Don says something like "think really, really hard about it and then let it go, forget all about it, then it'll come to you", and that's what happened!

    I've fallen in love with the name Elizabeth. It's way more common than I had thought I'd choose (#53 in the UK where we are, so not as common as the US) but it's so strong sounding with an awesome meaning and it has such fabulous nickname potential!

    Her middle name will be Sarah I think in honour of my nanny who passed away last year.

    Our other children are

    Madeleine Rose
    Gabriel James
    Nathaniel Ray

    What do you think? Does Elizabeth Sarah fit?

    I think I got so hung up on coming up with something creative that I missed lots of beautiful names!

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    Elizabeth Sarah definitely "fits in" with a family of Madeleine, Gabriel and Nathaniel. All of these names are classic and Biblical so they make a wonderful sibling team. The timeless beauty of Elizabeth has an added bonus of nickname options like Eliza, Elsa/Elsie, Betsy, Betty, Beth, Lizzie, Libby, Babette etc...Sarah has personal meaning for you so I would encourage you to choose it.
    All the best,

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    I think Elizabeth fits very well with the rest of your children's names!
    It is such a classic and has such great history and meaning behind it!
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    I love Elizabeth!

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    You have chosen very well! Elizabeth Sarah is a lovely name that any girl could wear well and love to have. I had never considered Sarah as a middle for Elizabeth until now, but I quite like it.

    As you have found to be true, I too think it's easy to overlook beautiful, fabulous names because they don't feel creative. While I, too, like creative and less common names, I will likely name my real children more popular names. My SO and I both are thinking Elizabeth for our (one day) future daughter.

    Elizabeth Sarah is lovely with Madeleine Rose, Gabriel James, and Nathaniel Ray. A very nicely named sibset of classic names.
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