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    @hypatia, since it's Slavic, is Mirjana pronounced like "mir-yah-na"? In which case Miriana seems the same to me, but more intuitive for English speakers. Although you might get "mir-ee-ah-na." Somehow I don't like the look of Miryana as much though.
    Interesting to hear that it's very common in Slavic areas. Maybe that's why it feels faintly exotic to me

    @jess0044, I like your way of differentiating pronounciations. Yes, I prefer the Mear-uh with an "ear" sound, rather than mee-ra with the "bee" sound. But the only difference is really how long you hold/emphasize the "ee"sound. I do think the second option might be more common in S. Asian pronounciation? Meera is a Sanskrit name.

    I do really like Mira as a nn for Miriam. That is growing on me. Not sure we can use Miriam, but will file it away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loisvs View Post
    Miranda is pretty, but I pronounce always thought of it as "mah-RAN-dah", not "mihr-RAN-da" or "mee-ran-da" so the connection seems more in the spelling than sound? Does anyone pronounce it the other ways?
    I've never heard of anyone pronouncing Miranda as "mah-RAN-dah". I've always pronounced it "mihr-RAN-da", I have a friend called Miranda, often Mira for short, and she pronounces her name as I do.

    I don't like Mirabelle, it's too twee, and I think of it as a cat name for some reason! I do like Miranda, Amira, Mirana, Miriam, Mirari, Mireille, Mirella and Miruna.
    Current favourite girls names: Verity, Eden, Cliora, Antonia, Morwen, Catriona, Dervla, Colette, Sorcha, Tahlia, Lucina, Vita (as name or short for Victoria), Zabet (as name or short for Elizabeth), Nina, Kylara, Zelda, Sabine, Eliska, Zelina, Mereya

    Check out my fantasy/sci-fi girls names list, you'll be surprised how 'normal' they can be!

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