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    How about Namira? It is alternative form of Nameera and means "pure, fresh" especially as in water in Turkish. It also means "leopard-like" in...Arabic, I think

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    I'm also struggling to find the difference between Mihr-ra and Mee-ra

    For pronunciation purposes:
    M(rhyming with ear)-uh Vs. M(rhyming with bee)-ruh?

    With that basis in mind, I pronounce it like the first choice. I don't think it comes off as trendy at all, though for what it's worth Mirabelle seems a bit more childish than Mirabel does (which seems more put together and versatile).

    The only other name I have heard Mira be a nn for is Samira. I don't personally think Mira stands alone as it's own name and prefer Mirabel to the choices you listed a few posts up.

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    I adore Mira on its own too! (with the pronounciation Mee-ruh.) In Australia, Mirabelle is a huge light bulb manufacturer, so it kind of puts me off of frilly, princess-y Mirabelle.
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    I love Mira and Mirabel.
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    We have a Slavic last name (my husband is half Croatian), and that's partly why we picked Mira, as it's a Common Slavic nn. We actually considered Mirjana (close, obviously to Miriana, but my husband's sister's name is Jana so we liked the "j" spelling) but ultimately decided that Mira is lovely on its own.

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