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    I like Mirabelle and it was going to be in the short list of names for our second daughter, but for me, it's too close to our first daughter's name which is Miryana. (Pronounced as Mir-i-ana) Maybe that could be an option for you? Official/historical nickname is Mia, but it was Yana that stuck as a nickname.

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    I've heard it pronounced kind of like mirror. My cousin's cousin is named Mira. I greatly prefer Mira on it's own to Mirabel/Mirabelle.

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    I actually met a woman named Mira the other day, and I know a young Mira, and a young Amira.
    Mira is a lovely name! I couldn't use it because I spent years living in Spain and it means "look" (to point something out, or as the present 3rd person singular of "to look"), but I do think it's lovely.

    The PP's mention of M.i.r.@.l.i.e. is AMAZING! I love that!
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    Mira is the girls name that my husband and I agree on most. I like it "Meer-a" and think Myra is the way to go if the first syllable is supposed to rhyme with "eye". The "Look!" thing in Spanish is my biggest concern. I prefer it on its own, but I also like Amira.

    It is really neat that Mira is another name for Omicron Ceti, a really neat star..."Mira the Wonderful"...makes me think of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Mira is a binary star in the constellation Cetus. One of the stars is pulling mass away from the other in a beautiful, swirling dance of light. Mira also varies in brightness throughout the year, going from invisible to the naked eye to its brightest when it can be seen. It is brightest this year in July and August. It would be fun to go stargazing for Mira with Mira
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    I pronounce it Meer-a and I adore the name Mirabelle. I am a sucker for -Bel endings and I do love nicknames though. Mira (in my opinion) doesn't feel like a full name.
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