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    WDYT of Mira or Mira___

    Something about Mira seems really lovely to me lately. Short, sweet, simple, yet somehow faintly exotic feeling.

    I know Mirabel or Mirabelle is a nameberry favorite, but not one that's actually popular IRL yet. Is it too "on trend" with the -bel ending? or is it that negated by the unusualness of it as a whole?

    Any other Mira___ names? Or ____mira?

    Also, how would you pronounce Mira if you just saw it without any previous knowledge? "mihr-a" seems obvious to me, but would anyone think "my-ra"? Or "mee-ra"?

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    I pronounce Mira like I pronounce Vera. Mihr-a. I guess kinda like mirror. I actually really love this name I toyed around with Mirabelle too, but I think Mira is beautiful by itself.

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    I pronounce Mira "MY-ruh." I actually know someone named M i r a l i e (I inserted spaces so that she can't track this down). She pronounces it "MY-ruh-lee." You may also like Elmira.

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    I also pronounce it as Mihr-a, similar to mirror. Maybe Samira?

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    I pronounce Mira Meer-a. I actually much prefer Mira on its own. -belle endings are very trendy, and actually shift Mira from being exotic and unique to frilly and fluffy.
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