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    You're so very welcome. In your situation I would have been Freaking Out, so I definitely wanted to help!
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    Definitely let us know how things look once you get back in to actually see the doctor missyusatch!

    @ajh: I know this really isn't what pregnant women want to hear but it's the truth unfortunately - miscarriages don't always hurt. I had zero pain, no idea anything was wrong, went in for an ultrasound and found out the baby had stopped growing at week 6 (the ultrasound happened at week 10, and I'm referring to my first pregnancy back in 2011, not my current pregnancy). I'm nearly positive missyusatch is just fine but I can't stand to see incorrect info being put out (not at all saying it was done intentionally, just saying it's not correct).

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    Cramps are not necessarily a sign of a miscarriage either. You'll get lots of random cramps and pains during pg as your uterus grows and stretches. Good luck.
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    Cramping in early pregnancy can be normal.... I had a lot of cramping this time around, and it really worried me, but thankfully all was fine.
    Praying for you!!
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    Oh my gosh Mrs H. How scary. I agree, your obgyn sounds like a total "f***ing dumbass."
    Glad to hear your fetus is a tough cookie.

    In the past, I have taken an over-the-counter progesterone cream that's also wild yam-derived, but without any additional herbs, recommended to me by an NP/nutritionist. It's called Pro-gest, made by Emerita. The other ingredients are just carriers and preservatives, and it's paraben-free.

    Take care lady. Fire that bozo.

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