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    Thoughts on Astera/ Asteria?

    So I stumbled upon a Persian name, Astera, meaning 'star'. I'm tossing around the idea, but I'm far from sold. Any opinions? There is also a Greek form, Asteria... which do you prefer?
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    Asteria is a little close to hysteria for me, I like Astera though. Aster was on my list for a while but it doesn't fit with my other kids names.

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    I like it. I have been looking for star names, I'm adding Astera to "my list".

    Side note - I think it's interesting that the names/words that mean star in most of the Indo-European languages are clearly related - star, asteria, étoiles, Astera, Sitara/Tara, Hester, Esther, Stella, Estelle, etc...
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    I really like Asteria! I currently have it in the combo Maeve Asteria.
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    Astera is lovely. Asteria, while nice to look at, is a little too busy for me.
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