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    Cordelia is absolutely beautiful - it is such a regal and yet flexible name; I can imagine a woman in all kinds of professions with the name Cordelia (which is only a good thing), and the Shakespeare reference further endears it to me. Good luck - it's beautiful!

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    I think it works very well with Oliver.

    Personally, I have a hard time getting past the "cord" part of the name, but Cora and Delia are both very lovely.

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    I love Cordelia!

    It's origins are uncertain, however. Here are the three most popular theories:

    The most popular belief that it is from the Greek Kore (daughter) and -alia (sea), translating to daughter of the sea.
    Another common theory is that it comes from the Latin -cordis, which means 'heart', combined the feminine ending -elia.
    Cordelia could also be an Anglicized version of the Celtic Cordeilla, which is a name of unknown meaning that was one of the daughters of King Lear in Shakespeare.

    Whatever meaning you choose, the name has solid credentials, along with the nicknames Cora, Delia, Lia, Dell, Cori and Cia (Kia).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    It's one of my favourite names ever! Gorgeous, elegant, a girl who can hold her own and more. The Shakespeare connection is a bonus for me (I first heard it in Anne of Green Gables- one of my favourite series since forever- and loved it for the sound, long before I had read any Shakespeare). ladyliterature, great username by the way!
    Exactly this.

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    I just love Cordelia! It's elegant, graceful, and just all-around very pretty. It also sounds amazing with Oliver!
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