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    Love Jonathan Grayson!I didn't think of anything Confederate-related, and I actually like the double -n endings in this name, although I usually don't...

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    I don't get a Confederate vibe from Jonathan Grayson at all. You're overthinking it.

    I do prefer Jonathan Gray though. Jonathan Grayson isn't bad, the flow just feels a little off.
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    Jonathan Grayson feels like a first name surname combination to me. I think Jonathan Gray or Graham would have a better flow as well.

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    Grayson is too trendy.

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    Stonewall´s fullname is Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, I´m just used to saying it fast (I´m a history fanatic) I bearly even notice that people usually don´t know his middle is Jonathan, my bad!
    Thanks for all the suggestions though!

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