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    I would probably go with Matilda, for the same reasons the other posters have mentioned
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    I love Matilda Penelope or Penelope Matilda! I don't like Phoebe at all.

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    Really like Phoebe, but agree with some previous posters that Phoebe Bennett is a bit awkward to say with the -be/Be sounds.
    Once again, Penelope is pretty but like someone already mentioned, Pen- and Ben- sound really similar.
    So for that reason I would pick Matilda Penelope Bennett. However, I think Matilda Phoebe Bennett is a bit softer and flows better, so if you're open to switching around middles, that would be my pick!

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    Phoebe Matilda Bennett- 10/10 | I think this sounds fantastic! Phoebe Bennett sounds great, and Matilda compliments Phoebe well.

    Penelope Matilda Bennett- 2/10 | Penelope and Matilda don't have the same feel at all. Matilda is quiet and vintage, whereas Penelope is more majestic and mythical. They don't go well together. The pen/ben similarity bothers me as well.

    Matilda Penelope- 4/10 | This has the same feel as Penelope Matilda, the only things setting it apart are a) The pen/ben connection won't be as noticeable because Penelope is in the middle spot and b) It flows better but the mismatch of names still sets me off.

    Have you thought about Matilda Phoebe?
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    I am not bothered too much about Penelope Bennett having a similar sound at the beginning, I guess if it were Jenna Bennett or McKenna Bennett it would bug me more because they sound sorta sing songy. I do get what you mean about Phoebe Bennett to some degree be with the long ee's in phoebe and the short e in Bennett I think it works okay. We thought about Matilda Phoebe Bennett but something feels off about it for me

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