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    I sort of agree with Sunshine Kid. Penelope Bennett bothers me for the same reasons.
    I really like either Matilda Penelope or Matilda Phoebe the best.
    Also (back to Penelope or Phoebe as a FN), when you arrange the monogram with the last name in the middle, you get PBM, and I have never liked BM together bc it makes me think of bowel movement. I might be the only person who sees this, but I've always been conscious of it bc of my married name.
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    Phoebe is the best name...

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    Penelope, Matilda, and Phoebe are all lovely names. Phoebe is my favorite on its own merits. Together with your last name....

    Pen. MB - 4-3-2/4-2 rhythm is great. I don't find the Pen - Ben such a problem since there are so many syllables between Pen and Ben. However if she ever goes by Penny I can see Penny Benny which you know, is not terrible but something to think about. If she ever marries someone with an S surname, and takes the spouse's name, the initials would be PMS. This is my least favorite, but it's still a respectable choice, I'd say 6/10.

    Phoe. MB - 2-3-2/2-2 rhythm is a little less nice, and I can see what others mean about repeated Be's, although I also don't think it's a problem. I adore Phoebe and the nicknames Phoe/Fee or Bee. There is the slight PMS potential again. I'd say 7/10.

    MPB - 3-4-2 rhythm is great, Matilda sounds really good with your last name. I really can't think of much against this name. Nickname Tilly is adorable, Mattie if overused is still pretty cute. My top choice for you, 9/10 and only not 10/10 because I don't usually give the top rankings in things like this : D.

    Good luck!

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    I'm just going to comment instead of rate.

    Love Phoebe Matilda, but Phoebe Bennett with the back to back -be Be- is a little rough.

    Penelope Matilda is lovely, but I honestly just think its too long! I'd go Phoebe Matilda instead.

    Matilda Bennett works the best. Matilda Penelope Bennett is fine, and with the added other sounds in Penelope, the Pen/Ben thing doesn't bother me. Matilda Phoebe Bennett could work, too, I suppose. Middle names don't matter too much (I can't believe I'm saying that!), as neither is totally perfect sound-wise with the last name, so pick what means most or you like most. But I'd stick with Matilda out front.
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    I would go with Phoebe Matilda! I love Phoebe so much more than Matilda or Penelope.

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