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    My first name is a homophone to 'rainy', and my last name doesn't clash at all with it. I still get jokes made and asked if my brother's name is Stormy. (No, I tell them, it's Cloudy. They actually believe me.) Good thing North West is a celebrity, or else the other kids will try to be funny/punny with her name. It will get so annoying she will run the other direction. Pun intended.

    I saw an article on Yahoo! Shine earlier today (sorry, no link), that said the nickname Nori was a play off of Kanye and Kim's middle names, Omari and Noel, respectively. If they wanted the nickname Nori, why not the Eleanor branch of names or Honora/Annora? Eleanor West sounds like a professional name, one that would actually make me think her parents weren't complete idiots.

    If they truly wanted a combination of their names/or a nickname that's a combo of their names, Kim and Kanye could have had a:

    Ariel (omARI and noEL)
    Marli (oMARI and noeL)
    Mary Noelle
    Karli (KAnye, noEL and omarI)

    And here are some combos to get to Nori:

    Nola Rhiannon
    Noemi River
    Nola River
    Nova Ria

    Well, if they have a boy, I call bets on Easton. North and Easton West.
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    I think Kamilla, Kalina, Karolina, and Kalista would have been much better choices for little North West.

    It's not my business, I know, but I do find the whole business of naming your child North West to be decidedly silly. I have similar feelings for Blue Ivy Carter, though North West takes the cake when it comes to ridiculous names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    Nope. I think it's cute. And honestly, not tacky. Just playing nicely off the last name.
    YES! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! And to all of the "It's a boy name"'s a word name with some masculine associations...but to me it's like Merit or River, it goes either way.

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    An early media release speculated the name was Kenya - which is an anagram of Kanye. Better than north but then they would have had an entire country ranting that their name had been *stolen*...

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    I didn't think they should have a K name… and I don't know why everyone thinks they would have gone for that! Kourtney already bucked that trend, so there was no reason to think they would continue it.

    I wouldn't expect them to go for something vintage-y or particularly sophisticated, either. I did expect them to use Kanye's mother's name as a middle, though.
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