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    What Kim and Kanye should have named their baby...

    Since North West is such a tacky and missed opportunity I thought berries could come up with something better for a celebrity baby name.

    Here is my pick...

    Kita Donda West

    Kita means North in Japanese and it starts with a K so it fits them. Also I think they should have given her a middle name so I put in Kanye's mother's name. Any other suggestions? And they don't all have to start with a K!
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    Kai Georgia Donda West or Kaidence Georgia West.

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    I said Kita, too! I still think there should be a name change.
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    Georgia! Georgia Donda West would be so nice! But I bet everyone would've freaked out ala Penelope! I am probably the only person here who likes North West! My guesses for them were Kassiopeia, Kalliope, Kalla, Kallista, Krishna, Karma, ect.

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    I liked the suggestions of both Kalliope and Klementine. However, I much prefer them with a "C" rather than the "K"... Had they named her Kalliope, they could have gone with the nickname Klio, opposed to Kallie :-) And I completely agree that they should have given the kid a middle name!

    Part of me is hoping this is all a prank, and we will find out her real name later...
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