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    Personally, I was hoping for something like Willa Georgiana West (keep the alliteration theme, but dropping the "K" theme) or Mia Donda West (honoring both grandmothers). However, North West leaves me wishing that they had named her Kaidence "Kai" :/

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    Katherine. A legitimate K name and think how pleasantly surprised everybody would have been.

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    The name was Kim and Kanye's choice, and there isn't really anything us berries could do about it. Yes, I think it is a sin to name your child, especially a daughter because it has no feminine sound, North West. Honestly, I hope this is a prank because they do not want to release the child's name to the public yet- or maybe they have not decided on a name but said it was North for people to not go fussing about it. Anyways, I think North is really pretty, but not not not with the surname West. Too much for me. I do think Georgia Donda, Georgia Kai, Karoline Donda Kai, Kelly Georgia or something similar would have been nice, they all sound nice with the last name West.
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