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    I vote for Kompass West. Still get your directional feel with a K name!

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    Keziah Nanée West - Kizzy, KD, Ketzi, Zeezee... There are a million adorable nicknames. Nanée is Armenian.

    Eleanor Kimana West - Nori, Ella, Nora... Could you imagine the anguish among name nerds if she used Eleanor?

    Kirrily Roberta West - Kir, Kira, Lily... This is such a fresh, pretty "K" name, rhymes with "cheerily", Roberta for Kim's father and brother, both named Robert.

    Donatella Georgia West - Donatella to honor Kanye's mother, Donda. Georgia to honor Kim's father, Robert George.

    Mary Kristabel West - to honor Kim's mother, Kristen Mary "Kris" Jenner, and her maternal grandmother, Mary Jo.

    Helen Krishna West - Helen for Kim's paternal grandmother. Krishna literally means "attractive", starts with a K, and is the eighth incarnation of the supreme god Vishnu in Hinduism. Better Krishna than Khrist, amIright?

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    Nori Donda West--since Nori is her nn, It might as well been used as a first name. Georgiana Nori West Would've been cute.
    Nordica Donda West
    Kyrena Donda West
    Taryn Georgiana West
    All three of these first names means north.

    Harper GeorgianaWest
    Melody Donda West
    Harmony Georgia West
    Harmony Donda West
    Kalypso Donda West
    All these first names mean Music

    Sirena Donda West
    Sirena means singing

    Karmina Donda West
    Marinna Donda West
    Both first names mean song.
    Ladies: Arabella Charlotte ~ Benedicta Lourdes ~ Beatrice Eleanor ~ Beata Maria ~ Clara Josephine ~ Marian Grace ~ Camille Simone ~ Jacinta Marie ~ Regina Caeli ~ Faustina Marie ~ Avila Mary ~ Miriam Rosarie ~ Lucia Rose ~
    Magdalene Pieta ~ Reina Isabel

    Gentlemen: Matteo Joaquin ~ Stellan Theodore ~ Anders Vianney ~ Roman Ignatius ~ Deacon Emmanuel ~ Ezra Sebastian ~ Julian Kolbe ~ Balthasar Christian ~ Eli Samuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    I am probably the only person here who likes North West!
    Nope. I think it's cute. And honestly, not tacky. Just playing nicely off the last name.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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