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    I think it's cool, especially if you've got some connection to the God of war (bloodshed, horror, terror, slaughter, fright). I must say I prefer Aries (pronounced the same way, AIR-eez), the fire sign that represents the ram sent by Nephele to save her children from Ino's cruel hands, and was sacrificed and gave the golden fleece that Jason stole. It's just less bloodthirsty than mr hotty hot Ares.
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    Middle name, for me, because of the meaning.
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    I actually just saw someone on TV with this name. I feel like, despite his connotations (god of war, bloodshed, and violence), if people can use any other god name, there's no reason Ares should be off limit? Aside from that, people use Pandora, Loki, and other more "appropriate" names like Athena, Odin etc have their terrible stories so, again, I feel like there's no reason it should be off-limits. It's got a great sound. ^_^

    That being said, I think most people will know how to say it, and that you'll likely get a lot of flack from people who know who he is, so if you decide to use it, you should be prepared for a lot of that. And if not direct flack, a lot of sideways eye roll sort of looks. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I adore the name Aries! I second Ottilie! I like it much better than Ares...

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