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Thread: Maci as nn??

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    I actually love the idea of Margaret Cecilia, nn Macy! I'm not crazy about the Maci spelling (that does look quite teen mom to me, but Macy doesn't), but I think Macy is adorable. Margaret nn Margo is lovely, too, and I don't know why people don't think Hal and Margo go together--I think they're a perfect match, haha!

    I've never been a HUGE fan of Margo(t)--I had a crush on Margot several years ago, but I quickly fell out of love with it, although I do think the association to Anne Frank's sister is lovely. While I can mostly appreciate the classics, Margaret still feels very dated and frumpy to me--maybe because of Margaret Thatcher; maybe because the only Margaret I know is a bit eclectic and strange (and yes, a bit old). But Margo is fresh and lovely and I can easily see Hal and Margo as siblings.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Everyone!! I think I have decided to give up some control and go with Margaret, nn Margo as my final (yes, FINAL!) answer! I mean, there are lots of other potential nns for Harold too. Whose to say that 'Hal' won't decide to go by Harry, or Henry, or even Harold one day? I really love the way Harold and Margaret go together. They are both distinguished sounding. And I really love the way Hal and Margo go together. They sound more casual and approachable to me. Plus, they will have the bonus of being able to empathize with each other for having one name and being called something else. (I apologize to ALL my sweet friends who warned me not to do this!) Thanks to each of you for your opinions. It really does help to get outside perspectives on these dilemmas.

    Now we just need to finalize the MN!!!!
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