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Thread: Maci as nn??

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    It works, but I don't care for Maci. Margaret is great in its full form, but has wonderful nickname options like Maggie, Margo, Greta.

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    I think with the big classics- Margaret, Catherine, Elizabeth...there's a lot more leeway when it comes to nns that are a bit of a stretch. Like if I met a Catherine called Chip it wouldn't really phase me, yet if I met a Chloe called Chip I would kind of wonder what was going on! I think the guidelines are looser. If I met a Margaret called Maci I might think you were saying Maisie which is fairly common as a nn for Margaret. Aside from that, I see no problems with Margaret Cecilia= Maci. I like fn-mn smoosh nicknames. Personally, I think Margot is a prettier name. I think both work though.

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    What? What? Margo doesn't go with Harold? I think Hal & Margo are perfect together! I definitely prefer Margo to Maci... Maci is still pretty "teen mom"-associated so I'd put that off, though Margaret Cecilia nn Maci works great.
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    Hahaha!! You guys are killing me, lol! I have gone back and forth over this issue with my husband, what feels like 100 times. Margaret, with nn Margo, or just Margo (stand alone.) I KNOW the M-a-r-g-o-t spelling is prettier, but hubby says no. (We live in the south and he is worried it would be commonly mispronounced.

    Anyway, the original issue was Maci vs. Margo, to go with sibling Hal. Moving forward, if you would ALSO please post your opinion on Margaret, nn Margo, or just plain Margo (without a 't') I would appreciate it. (Lucialucentum, I know, right?? I looked up all three names and Harold and Margaret were most popular in 1950, with Margo being most popular in 1951, so to me, they all go together.) Please don't include all the other adorable nn's for Margaret. We are aware of them, but only want her to be called Margo. (I know bold means yelling, but that is not how I mean it. I just want it read, and not accidentally missed for potential responders.) Thanks for taking the time to help us.
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    I could see it working, I don't think there is anything wrong with a creative nn related to the combo, but I much prefer Margo. Hal and Margo is a pefect pair! I would go with Margaret on the birth certificate and call her Margo to keep the consistency of Harold having a full name and nn as well.
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