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    Arbor (really?)
    Avery (cute)
    Blakely (I find it to be a bit of a mouthful)
    Carys (not for me)
    Clara (it's okay..)
    Clea (not a fan of Clea Duvall...she puts a damper on the name)
    Ella (it's okay as a nickname)
    Elliot (nn Ellie) (I'm torn on this one)
    Finley (never thought of it for a girl really...but not really a fan of androgynous names)
    Gabriella (too High School Musical for me)
    Josephine (I'm undecided...I like Josie, but Josephine is a little much)
    Keely (Ok...)
    Lydia (not my style)
    Olive (Olive is green and round...)
    Penelope (Another one of those Josephine)
    Peyton (I don't like the way you have to say it...PAYTN or with the hard "T" sound)
    Piper (not for me)
    Quinn (too popular right now)
    Stella (more of a pet name)


    Cohen (I didn't learn until today that it was potentially offensive...I'd stay away from it I think)
    Davis (I like's different...but I wouldn't choose it myself)
    Edward (classic, but HATE Eddie/Ed...reminds of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation's Cousin Eddie)
    Isaac (too popular)
    Jude (It's ok)
    Julian (not strong enough for my style)
    Lennox (not for me)
    Wesley (I don't know why, but I just hate this name)
    Weston (It's ok...I'm torn...I could love it)

    Bennett (definitely a cooler version of Benjamin)
    Name Nerd

    No kids (yet), not even trying... but, I can't help but dream of beautiful (and ever-changing) names for my future children!

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    Welcome to Nameberry!

    Arbor -- This is a lovely idea with great imagery! I think it would work best as a middle name because I think it would be misheard often as a first. Just imagine Penelope Arbor or Lydia it!
    Avery -- Very pretty and light while at the same time substantial.
    Ayla -- Very pretty, although a little insubstantial for me as a first name.
    Blakely -- Sounds too masculine or placename-ish to me.
    Brinley -- The above only more so
    Carys -- I love the meaning and sound of this name!
    Clara -- So crisp and clean! Lovely.
    Clea -- I discovered this name recently and I really like the sound of it. Very unusual and pretty. I would be sure to remember someone with that name.
    Cora -- Pretty name, although not as appealing to me as the prior two.
    Ella -- Elegant, but becoming increasingly popular. : /
    Elliot (nn Ellie) -- I prefer this on boys
    Emma -- Oh so pretty and sophisticated, but also popular when is a turn-off for me.
    Everly -- Pretty sound, although a little trendy
    Finley -- I prefer Everly
    Gabriella -- Too frilly for my taste
    Halle -- Pretty, but makes me think of the actress.
    Harper -- Not feminine enough for my taste
    Josephine -- Never appealed to me. Josie is a cute nn though
    Juliet -- Too tied to the tragic character in my opinion
    Keely -- I much prefer Neely
    Lydia -- I love this name! So strong and melodious.
    Molly -- Cute and down-to-earth
    Nora -- No-nonsense and beautiful
    Olive -- I only think of olives
    Penelope -- This is really growing on me!
    Peyton -- A little too masculine
    Piper -- Cute and spunky
    Quinn -- Nice as a middle, a little abrupt as a first
    Reese -- Not my style, but I see the appeal
    Sophie -- Pretty and mild. You might also like Sylvie
    Stella -- Very similar to Clara in feel
    Violet -- Pretty and mild.

    August -- Ever so handsome
    Bennett -- Very masculine and familiar-sounding without being common. Great nn option of Ben.
    Camden -- Kind of trendy compared to your other ideas
    Charlie -- Not my style
    Cohen -- I agree, sound-wise it is nice
    Cole -- I like the sound of this one too, but I don't like the idea of naming a child what sounds like "coal"
    Davis & Declan -- Not my style
    Edward -- Old-fashioned but nice
    Finn -- Very current and fun
    Isaac -- Great, versatile name. Great meaning!
    James -- Timeless, masculine name
    Jude -- Rugged and tough
    Julian -- Sophisticated
    Lennox & Rhys -- not my style
    Theodore -- Nice, mild yet distinguished name
    Wesley -- I love this name but worry about the "ley" ending
    Weston -- Fixes the above problem. Great nn potential of Wes!

    You have great lists! I hope that feedback helped.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Arbor I like it, but I don't love it, and I wouldn't use it.
    Avery is on my list too, I just hate how popular it is. Might change a lot in the next 12 r so years!
    Ayla I don't really know how to pronounce this- A-lah? Eye-lah? I like eyela best.
    Blakely I don't like this, especially not a girl. For either gender it sounds sort of trashy to me.
    Brinley is just a 'tryndee' name, I don't like it. It doesn't sound feminine and the Bryn with lee sounds unattractive.
    Carys pretty, and sounds original
    Clara I like this one
    Clea pretty, reminds me of a very feminine girl.
    Cora pretty, as a fn and nn. I like Coralie and Coral too.
    Ella is sweet, simple and timeless. Love it.
    Elliot I don't like this, for either gender. But I rather see it on a boy than a girl.
    Emma is super popular, love it though, on my list.
    Everly is just used by Channing tatum and wife Jenna Dewan.
    Finley is pretty, I like this unisex name on a girl best. Used to be a favorite of mine, not now.
    Gabriella pretty, I know a sweet little girl with this name.
    Halle berry! Pretty, sounds a bit different to me.
    Harper is a Beckham, but pretty. Tv show character on wizards of waverly place.
    Josephine will suit an adult too. It is a bit long, comes with the nn Josie for a young child.
    Keely not a fan, sounds a bit made up to be honest
    Lydia I like this.

    Can do anymore, I'm typing on an iPad. Hurts the fingers!
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

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    Welcome to Nameberry! Here are my thoughts on your name list. My faves are bolded.

    Arbor -- it doesn't have a good sound so I think it's better in the middle spot as is the similar Harbor.
    Avery -- Overly popular unisex name. I wonder how many people know that it's a form of Alfred?
    Ayla -- I know this is a legitimate Hebrew and Turkish name but it "looks" like a bad smoosh (like Ada and Ella blend).
    Blakely -- Trendy and unattractive.
    Brinley -- See Blakely and times it by two! "Br" names are sooooo trendy that they all sound the same!
    Carys -- Ok but reminds me of the word "caress".
    Clara -- Classic and pretty with literary and musical pedigrees!
    Clea -- Unusual and attractive.
    Cora -- I know a Cora. This name is gaining more attention since the Downton Abbey series as are sisters Nora and Flora.
    Ella -- I dislike this name. It has no substance for me. Overused and overrated (sorry Ms Fitzgerald).
    Elliot (nn Ellie) -- I don't like the "boys names on girls" trend. It's so yesterday. Try a similar female French version Eliette.
    Emma -- A gorgeous name but a little overpopular for my liking. It comes with a great literary connection.
    Everly -- Trendy and cutesy
    Finley -- Sorry but this is a boys name for me.
    Gabriella -- Overly frilly and feminine.
    Halle -- OK but strongly tied to Ms Berry.
    Harper -- I dislike this trendy name - a harpie is a derogatory term for a loud-mouth, scolding woman". Avoid it like the plague.
    Josephine -- A French classic that oozes sophistication and majesty. I love Posey as a nn.
    Juliet -- A Shakespearean classic. Pretty and feminine.
    Keely -- I don't care for too many "K" names.
    Lydia -- A Biblical name of substance.
    Molly -- Sweet and unpretentious. I love Mary with the nn Molly too!
    Nora -- strong and solid but getting popular.
    Olive -- Not my favourite colour name
    Penelope -- I can appreciate the Greek mythological association but the Kardashians are everywhere so they've tainted it for me.
    Peyton -- Trendy unisex name
    Piper -- I can't take this word seriously as a name. Overly cutesy and doesn't age well.
    Quinn -- I prefer this short Irish name in the middle spot. It pairs well with a longer fn (eg. Delilah Quinn)
    Reese -- I prefer this name on a boy spelled Rhys.
    Sophie -- I've always preferred this friendlier and down-to-earth French version to the more elaborate Sophia.
    Stella -- Pretty and vintage. I also love Estella and Estelle.
    Violet -- One of my favourite flower names. Vintage charm galore!

    August -- This is a strong and handsome choice. I love Augustus and Augustine as well.
    Bennett -- One of the few surnames I like for a boy. Bennett is a medieval variation of Benedict so it has history to back it up. Of course the literary connection is a bonus too! Sadly, August and Bennett end with the same letter so you may have to choose which one you like better.
    Camden -- Three celebrities have chosen this name within a year. A bad omen of things to come!
    Charlie -- Charles with the nn Charlie would be my preference. A more formal name just gives a boy more versatility when he outgrows the adorable Charlie. . If you name a son Charlie, it wouldn't be right to give another child a long formal name in my opinion.
    Cohen -- too much baggage. I would do some research of this name. It can be offensive to Orthodox Jews because it's a sacred name.
    Cole -- I know a bratty Cole so I have a negative association. Very popular.
    Davis - I prefer David.
    Declan -- Trendy Irish saint name that I've seen butchered with strange spellings far too often (Decklin, Declyn etc...).
    Edward -- One of the traditional English standards. I do prefer Edmund though. Love the nn Ned.
    Finn -- An old Irish name that sounds contemporary. Loads of spunk but I like it better in the middle spot.
    Isaac -- One of my favourite Biblical names - strong, masculine with a wonderful meaning "laughter".Ike or Zac are pretty cool nn options too!
    James -- A classic, traditional and timeless choice. I do prefer it in the middle spot.
    Jude -- Another wonderful name from the Bible. A favourite one-syllable name of mine.
    Julian -- A "softer" name choice but I love its look and sound.
    Lennox - A fine surname with a Shakespearean pedigree.
    Rhys -- A wonderful Welsh name.
    Theodore -- Love love love this name. It's full of depth and history and has a gorgeous meaning: gift of God!
    Wesley -- A surname that sounds like a first name. I can see it "crossing-over" to the girls side with the "ley" ending. Hope not.
    Weston -- I prefer Easton but this type of name is trendy! I prefer Wesley.
    All the best,

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