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    Quote Originally Posted by loisvs View Post
    I am a Christian and I don't feel offended by your interest in using Asa, Asher, or Silas, whether because you're an atheist or because you want to use them for a girl. (In fact, I know one girl Asher, from a religious family, too.) But I will warn you that these are very popular amongst my (fairly devout) circles of friends in the US, along the lines of Josiah, Judah, Elijah, etc, but a bit newer and fresher. I know of at least 4 Ashers under 5 years old and 2 or 3 Asas and maybe 3 Silases as well. ALL of whose parents are on the devout side of religious, not just Christian-background or something. So, my type of people may assume you are "one of us" and if that's something you want to steer clear of, be forewarned.

    Also, for many people, there will be a much stronger religious/Biblical association than, say, Matthew, John or Paul, just because these are "newer"/more unusual names. Yes, many haven't heard them before and will have no association--but I would guess that MOST of the those who have heard them before will make the Biblical association.
    I agree with this. To me, it has nothing to do with being offensive or not. To me, it's just that certain names, from the Bible or any other source (books, tv shows, anything), have certain baggage. The name Zeus is going to make many people think of the god, for Apple people think of the fruit, and Asa has biblical baggage that its relatively lack of popularity reinforces. I'm not particularly religious and I think names like Asa, Josiah, Ezekiel, and Job have that religious baggage.

    As an alternative, I'd suggest Ace. To me, this is 100% boy, but it doesn't have the biblical baggage that Asa does, but they have a very similar sound and masculinity.

    Rhys - it's not really a matter of gender or spelling. I think we're riding the end of the Rhys/Reese/Reece wave and it's going to start to sound dated very soon (at least in the US).

    I quite like August. I personally prefer Augusta, but August and Rowan would be nice together. August is not a feminine name IMO, but a girl named August wouldn't go her whole life correcting people either.

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    Rowan and Asa sounds pretty cute together. It may be biblical, but anyone who's offended probably won't be in you or your child's life for long, so it doesn't matter. To me Asa sounds sort of feminine anyways, because of the -a ending.

    Rhys is a no-go to me. Sounds too harsh to my ear, and just makes me think of the chocolate, sorry!

    August is a lovely name! August and Rowan are both word name-y without being too weird!

    One question, why do you like the unisex names?

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    Actually, I think these are great for you! Rhys/Reese is already fairly accepted as unisex (although I think a lot of people assume that Reese = girl; Rhys = boy now, but maybe not really), and August is a month. I suppose it's derived from Augustus, but so is Augusta, so technically, it's pretty safe, I think. I used to have a cyber buddy who had a daughter named August Elizabeth--I thought it was so cool at the time! And Rowan and August are lovely together.

    Asa I feel a little bit differently about--it's a name from my faith and I tend to be increasingly defensive about my faith, but I can see the appeal. Asa sounds similar to Ava and Ada, so it doesn't surprise me that eventually someone would want to use it for a girl. But I am not fond of Josiah, Ezra, or Judah on a girl--and I like Asa on a girl pretty much just as much. I think it could really work for you, though.

    For combos, do you still have the same MNs? I think Asa Eleanor, Asa Cordelia, August Ruby, and Rhys Cordelia would be lovely.

    ETA: Just to be clear, I have no problem with an atheist (or agnostic, or whatever) using a Biblical name. They're people from history. They're not gods, they are people who walked the earth, and a lot of them had some pretty stinkin' amazing names. I might think it a bit odd if an atheist used a very Christian-charged word as their child's name, like Christian, Mercy, Grace, Evangeline, etc., but I wouldn't get offended. If I met an agnostic or atheist couple who had two sons named Asa Nathaniel and Philip Ezra, I wouldn't say anything, or really be offended at all. They're nice names, and people can get inspiration anywhere. I'm certainly not the only one to lay claim on Bible names. I love them myself; I can see why people would want to use them. I think my problem with seeing Ezra, Asa, Josiah, etc. on girls is that it feels like the history of the name (not to mention the history of the Bible) isn't being respected itself. Do I like Cohen? Yes, but I'm not a Jew, and if they find it offensive, I'm not going to touch it. That's their culture, their religion, and I respect their right to what they believe. Likewise, I wouldn't use the name of a Hindu god. I think in a world where everyone seems to think and say to define your own truth, what others believe isn't respected so much. I think there are still some things that are holy, and I think, even if you don't subscribe to those teachings, it's commendable to respect what someone else finds holy. Meh, take it or leave it. I don't expect people to respect everything I hold holy, but I think it's nice to see people from other faiths respecting faiths that are not their own. Religion matters to people, and that's not just Christians--that's everyone. I think it's important to consider, but ultimately, of course, it's up to you.

    Okay, I'm done. That was a bit long-winded, and maybe a mite selfish, but I hope it didn't come across preachy, anyhow.
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    I think they are all usable on a girl, and I think Rhys (although i prefer Reese) and August would be great.
    I'm not the biggest fan of Asa, there's just something about it which i find unappealing, but i think it could work on a girl
    I actually really like how you are using a more masculine name on a girl, my name is Jordan and I've always loved it and although people joke about it being a boys name, i really dont care! I think meeting a girl August, Silas, Merit or Asher would be refreshing, and although not my style i would appreciate it.
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    Honestly, I am a very devout, practicing Christian, and if people want to use biblical names and aren't Christians, I am not offended. That said, I just don't like Asa. For a boy or a girl. It doesn't have the same feel that Rowan does.

    August would be my choice as a sibling for Rowan. I like Rhys, and don't mind matchiness in siblings, but August feels more like Rowan.
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