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    I am a Christian and while I do know who Asa is, I wouldn't be offended if you were to use it. Aside from Jesus, I'd say Biblical names are pretty open to whomever. There are many names that can be found in the Bible (Jacob, Ethan, Matthew) that irreligious people use and no one thinks anything of. I don't know that Asa would be any different IMO.

    All that aside, I feel like Asa is the most feminine sounding and looking. While Rhys sounds feminine, this spelling seems all boy to me.
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    I love August! Rowan and August would be adorable sisters. I went to school with a girl named August she went by Gus. She was amazing! She was so artsy and creative and well read. She was also stunning! So that name definitely has a positive association for me on a girl or boy.

    I love how Rhys looks but even for my own future kids I struggle with whether or not I really like it. I think i like how it looks on paper better than how it sounds. But my fave spelling is Rhys by miles.

    Asa does sound biblical to me. I like it but I understand wanting to stay away from religious names if your not interested in that association.
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    August is amazing with Rowan- it makes me think of late summer sunshine and holidays. I love Asa, its on my list too, and i've never thought of it as particularly bibley, no more so than Asher at least. I'm not a big Rhys fan, it feels a bit 80s to me.
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    Asa - I would say is quite religious. I'm not super Christian and I'm not bothered by anyone using biblical names, but Asa is in a slightly different league to other biblical names like John, Peter, Elizabeth etc. It is similar to Ezekiel & co and if I met a little Asa I'd probably assume his parents were religious.

    Rhys - I'll admit I have great difficulty hearing names like Reese, Reece, Finlay, Rory etc used on American girls as they're such masculine names over here, but Rhys takes the biscuit. It's a boy's name. In my eyes it's like calling your daughter John or William. And if I knew a couple had children called Rowan & Rhys I'd be doubtful of Rowan's gender but I'd definitely assume Rhys was a boy. I'm guessing that doesn't bother you though. I don't think of Reese Witherspoon at all- I just think of the couple of little boys I know called Rhys. Rowan & Rhys just don't work as well together as other names might.

    August - Out of all 3 names, this is the one I can maybe see working on a girl. It's not pretty and it's quite heavy sounding but Rowan & August go very well together. Boy or girl, Rowan & August gets my vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    This, but I especially don't like biblical boy names on girls and do get kind of irritated when I see it. I have no problem with people not being religious (in fact, we aren't super religious, either) but I just get kind of irked that people take names from my religion just seems, well, wrong. It's especially wrong if the person is atheist, IMO.

    Since August is a nature-y name, I think it works best with Rowan.
    I don't want to start a religious debate, but you have to understand how atheists feel when every name is based in a religion or cultural belief at some point in it's existence. Rowan was a magical tree that was worshiped and used in spells by the Druids and still revered in Wicca and Paganism, so should I not of used it because I might offend Pagans? I respect the Bible as a historical document. Why are all Christian names off limits when I could easily use a name from Egyptian or Persian mythology and no one would care?
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