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    Help! Looking for girl's name to go with sibset

    Hi! I was looking for some help brainstorming another girl's name that would go with the other names we've picked out.

    Absalom nn Salem or Sal
    Alasdair nn Dair

    Magnolia nn Nollie

    We like names that sound kind of elaborate and distinguished in their long form, but can be broken down into fun and funky nicknames for friends and family.

    Other names we've considered but shot down for one reason or another:
    My husband is dead-set on Jezebel, but I can't imagine doing that to a kid. So that's part of why I'm asking you all, to find a name good enough to make him forget it

    I'm excited to see what you come up with!

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    If hubby is set on Jezebel, and you need a frilly name that breaks down easy like Magnolia (Maggie, Magpie, Nola, Lia, etc.), my mind immediately goes to Jessamine - Jess, Jessa, Jessie, Sam, Sammie, Ami, Minnie, Mina, even Jez - her name could be Jessamine Isabel or Jessamine Amabel or Jessamine Rosabel or Jessamine Mirabel and daddy could still have his Jezebel (at least in theory). Good luck!

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    Thanks so much for your reply. I really think what you did was a great idea, to come up with a name similar enough that my husband wouldn't miss the old name too much.

    Unfortunately, I'm not crazy about that name; anything "Jess" seems a little too cowgirl to my ears. Also, would it be pronounced JessaMIN or JessaMEEN? I'd like something that nobody could ever pronounce wrong.

    I do kind of like Rosabel. I'd have to think about giving her a combination name, though.

    I was resigned to naming my kid Jezebel for awhile, and I kind of liked the idea of calling her Zizi. So maybe something with a Z or Z sound in it somewhere? But that's not a necessity, just a possible lead.

    I also really like when names with colors or scents attached. So flowers, art, or nature names that still manage not to come across as "hippy." Again, not necessary, but another lead.

    However, one obvious fit to those specifications that sadly won't work is Azalea. (A lovely flower, but since it thrives on heat and I grew up in the North, we usually had a mostly dead azalea bush in our yard. haha)

    Sorry I'm picky, but this is why I need your help!

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    Azaleas are GORGEOUS for a few months in N FL, so I only have positive associations with them, and think it's a cute and spunky name. Zinnia is another option?

    PLEASE don't name a girl Jezebel, unless you're really trying to make a strong feminist, anti-Biblical's got such strong negative connotations in the Bible, that I think the only way it can be used is if you're embracing that and making a statement about it...and, personally, I still pity the little girl named Jezebel. Though I give it to you that it's a lovely sounding name.

    I love Rosalie or Rosabel and Magnolia together. Or
    Juniper (perhaps not frilly enough? love with the nns June, Junia, Juno)
    Zinnia (This would give you your ZiZi option.)
    Mirabel, Mirabelle (Double Ms with Magnolia, but if you're going with the Nollie nn and you had Mira or Belle as her nn, I think it can work.)

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    Elaborate and distinguished with a funky nickname? What about Cordelia, nickname Cordy? I'm fond of that name.
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