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    Asa is absolutely fine. In Scandinavia the similar sounding Åsa (and Åse) is a girl name. I can't see how using Asa could offend people, if it does, they should get a life.

    August is a month so I have no problems with this one. It's actually quite in the same league as Rowan to me. Well, maybe not, as I see Rowan as strictly male, but when I try to see it from an American perspective... it works.

    As you know, I'm very supportive and in awe your naming style. I find it utterly fascinating the way you find traditionally masculine name that would work so well for a girl, and I think you are very clever about it. Rhys however is so male. And not in a pretty Jude Law-ish kind of way, no, in a I cut down trees with my own hands and use a rock as a pillow, wear my shirt half open to show off all my chest hair and eat my porridge with a serving spoon kind of way. Über masculine.
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    1 August - I think August is fine for a girl (although I do prefer it on a boy). Singer Garth Brooks seems to think so too because he has a daughter named August Anna. Rowan and August look and sound good together.

    2 Asa - this is very Biblical for me and all male. Personally, I don't like male Biblical names being used for girls but that's just my preference. The "a" ending may make the name "look" more feminine but I believe you said you didn't like names ending in "a". So if you don't like them, why is Asa even an option for you? Or maybe it's just feminine names ending in "a" that you don't care for. I don't understand why a male name ending in "a" is any different.

    3 Rhys - this spelling is ALL-MALE which would cause confusion when written out. Also, I don't like the shared initial between Rowan and Rhys.
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    I'm a Christain and while I know Asa is a Bible name it's never screamed Bible or boy name to me. In fact the only Asa I've ever met was a girl (her parents were Christian). Also I see no problem with Athiest useing Bible names, the names didn't start out as Bible names, they only became so by being used in the Bible. As long as you don't name your daughter Jesus, all the other names are free game. Asa is my favorite with Rowen of the three choices. Then Rhys. August is the name I have the hardest time seeing on a girl, bu being a month name I guess it would work.
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    As long as you don't name your daughter Jesus, all the other names are free game.
    I agree a bit.
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    I am a Christian and I don't feel offended by your interest in using Asa, Asher, or Silas, whether because you're an atheist or because you want to use them for a girl. (In fact, I know one girl Asher, from a religious family, too.) But I will warn you that these are very popular amongst my (fairly devout) circles of friends in the US, along the lines of Josiah, Judah, Elijah, etc, but a bit newer and fresher. I know of at least 4 Ashers under 5 years old and 2 or 3 Asas and maybe 3 Silases as well. ALL of whose parents are on the devout side of religious, not just Christian-background or something. So, my type of people may assume you are "one of us" and if that's something you want to steer clear of, be forewarned.

    Also, for many people, there will be a much stronger religious/Biblical association than, say, Matthew, John or Paul, just because these are "newer"/more unusual names. Yes, many haven't heard them before and will have no association--but I would guess that MOST of the those who have heard them before will make the Biblical association.

    Personally, I don't prefer boys names for girls, but I love both Sawyer and Merit for girls, and Felix is also surprisingly intriguing to me. Morgan I've always thought of as a girls name more than a boy's, probably because I had a close female friend Morgan.

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