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    I do not see a glaringly obvious religious connection with Asa. Rhys is cute but this spelling is very masculine to me. I don't love August but I adore the nn Gus

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    Welp. My long response was deleted, so welcome to the short version.

    I didn't think of Reese Witherspoon when I read Rhys. I quite like it, but it's very matchy with Rowan. They sound great together, but definitely like a matched pair.

    I don't think Asa is overtly biblical, though I did recognize it as biblical because it reminds me of many of the biblical 'a' ending names. I'm an atheist, but I've read the bible multiple times. I had to look Asa up to even remember him, and I still don't really remember him, so I don't think he's a prominent character from the bible. I like Asa quite a lot, and think it goes great with Rowan.

    I love August, and I'm with you on not wanting the other versions of August. I don't like any of them but August, because of the way the first syllable sounds in the others. August has an 'aw' sound to me, whereas the other versions (Augusta, Augustus, etc.) have more of an 'ug' sound which I find unappealing.

    Rowan & Asa is my favorite of the newbies, followed by Rowan & August, and Rowan & Rhys if you don't mind the matchiness of it.

    Merit, Asa, August, Asher, and Morgan are my favorites with Rowan, boy or girl.
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    Asa - This name wouldn't seem very religious to me, but I am not religious myself. I think it works well for either gender, and the sound is very smooth to my ears.

    Rhys - I really like this name and how it sounds when spoken, but not keen on the spelling. I don't think of the actress. If anyone, my personal association would be the actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as he is one of my favorites.

    August - Kind of like it. It's a little too boyish for how I'd go with a unisex name, but it's okay.

    Rowan & Asa would be my top pairing choice, as I think they would be beautiful together, but distinct so each girl makes her own statement.
    Rowan & Rhys would be my second choice. A little matchy with them both having R names, but if that doesn't bug you, I think they pair nicely.
    Rowan & August would be my least favorite pairing.
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    I love August! And would use it for either gender if hubby would let me. Alas he will not but its still in the list for middles.
    Rhys is the sleeker spelling. I don't know if that makes it more masculine, or not. I wouldn't be shocked to see a girl called Rhys (or Reece) but I wouldn't be delighted either.
    Same with Asa. I'd never heard it before name berry and its not a name that makes me wanna know more... It's just meh... I do like the suggestion on Aysa. Written it looks stronger and more feminine.

    Good luck!

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    I don't like August at all, boy or girl. And there's no good nicknames for it on a girl, Auggie makes me think of orgy and Gus is all boy.

    Rhys I like, but I'm not sure with sister Rowan, it feels very masculine in this spelling. If you don't like Reese maybe Reece?

    Asa is the one I can probably see more on a girl given the sound and spelling, but it's a male in the Bible - though I'm not even sure who the Biblical Asa was :/ He's not one of the more well-known people like Moses or Noah, that's for sure.

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