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    Avery---Ok for a girl??

    My husband and I are tossing around the idea of Avery...This will be girl #4...What do you think and which MN is best??

    Avery Ann

    Avery Jean

    Avery Elise

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    Some people will not like that it is a unisex name, but others will. Just depends on people's personal tastes.

    I like Avery myself. The best combo of the three is Avery Elise, though I am partial to Jean as well. Ann doesn't work as well to me as it also begins with A and it just feels plainer than the other options.
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    I second Avery Elise! I think the pretty femininity of Elise balances the unisex Avery really well, and they flow nicely.
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    I know a girl Avery and a boy Avery, but its definitely a girl name to me. And for the middle name i think Elise sound best.

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    The first Avery I met was a girl so I've kind of grown to see it as more of a girl's name than a boy's name. I like Avery Jean and Avery Elise.

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