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    Oh, I feel your pain at having a 2-syllable 'uhs' ending surname - we've struck many off our list because of the hissy, rhymey problem! If you love Linus, I honestly think it would be OK in the MN spot...

    Love Enoch, but would personally steer clear of Clark, if your hubby's name is Kent...

    Jumping off the names on your list:

    Henry, Mollie, Gideon and...

    Wesley (love this one!) - Wesley Vince, Wesley Ezra, Wesley Linus or even Wesley Patrick are all very handsome

    Also like pp suggestions of Grover, Jasper and Clyde

    Good luck
    Happily married to a fabulous but completely-not-interested-in-names guy.

    Mum to:

    Gebriael Geoffrey Edwin Keith (01/02/05)
    Roscoe Geoffrey Yohannes (09/04/08)
    Cormac Geoffrey Adisu (02/08/11)
    Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen (04/07/13)

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    @emsky - I like Samuel but its been taken by a nephew and I am sort of looking for something a bit fresher sounding anyways. I really like Silas but it really does sound too "hissy" with my last name (thanks katie, thats a perfect description!).

    caty_beth89 - I am liking Oscar more and more. I turned my back on it because it is quite a common dog name, but honestly so is Mollie's name and so is our last name. It hasn't really been a problem and my daughter/kids always really love it when they meet an animal that shares their name. I do really like the alliteration with our ln, two O's just sounds so open and friendly to me. From your list I was surprised to find out that my husband liked Leland and Nolan. Something for me to think about there. Thanks for the input.

    @roseymaam - Nothing ending in "O" will work with our ln and Orrin is too "Orrin Hatch" around here and I don't want the unpopular association. I love Grover but I can't budge my husband on it. My husband likes Clyde and I think it would work well for us, I'll have to think on it. Thank you so much!

    @etkatie - thanks for the sympathy.

    Oliver- I have a Nephew Oliver and a Niece Olivia so that name is all used up for us, We both like it though.
    Oswald - still too Lee Harvey for us, Im afraid.0
    Orrin - see response to rosemaam
    Lionel - I like this but its "too soft" for my husband
    Lachlan - my husband says he doesn't have to have a reason to veto a name so I don't have one here.
    Lloyd- Creates a tounge twister with our last name
    Wesley - taken by a nephew ( my husband and I have huge families)
    Barnaby - I don't care for it
    Clive - doesn' quite strike my own fancy but my husband likes it.
    Boyd - see lloyd

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. I love hearing my husband say he likes a name that I would never have suggested on my own. I feel like he is really opening his horizons!

    @Danni - Thanks for the list!

    Oliver- see previous response.
    Heath - DH likes Keith better and we agreed not to use either
    Asa- this is not a real name to my husband and just not my style either
    Everett- not for us
    Sawyer- I loved this name for Gideon and tried for months to talk my husband into it but he ended up talking me out of it. It sounds like "sew your oats" with our ln.
    Benjamin- love, but it is the name of a close cousin.
    Abram- Thank you, thank you, thank you. We both really love this name and I never would have considered asking my husband about it. We'll have to lull it over for awhile.
    Eben- Ebeneezer is a gp of mine but eben just sounds like evan with a suffy nose to me.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has responded, you have been so helpful!
    Mom to Henry, Mollie, Gideon, and expecting Clark Ebenezer in November.

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