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    Christopher and Oona?


    I would love opinions on the following:

    We have a son named Christopher, 2, and for a girl, I am in love with the name Oona (and I have been since I was a little girl). But do you think these two names go together? I have always believed girls names should be more unique and special, and boys names kept more classic...

    My husband is still not sold on the name Oona - but I am trying to convince him because I love it so!


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    I don't think they go together, but they aren't ugly together or anything, and not everyone has to match their sibling names (my siblings and I don't all have similar styled names). Just a bit unexpected. I really like both Christopher and Oona, even if they are very different styles. Maybe use a more classic, traditional middle name? Something like Oona Katherine or Oona Margaret might help connect the two a little.

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    I like Oona because of the Charlie Chaplin connection (his wife or gf, I forget the specifics), and it has a 1920's art deco appeal. When I hear Christopher, I think 'Robin' (which happens to be my name, and I'm not overly fond of it).

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    I think they're a little mismatched but that wouldn't stop me from using them.
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    Use it! Pair it with a more traditional middle name like Elizabeth or Katherine and I think it'll be fine.

    I have loved the name Una/Oona since I was little! I heard it in a movie and thought it was just so special and different. The meaning as sweet, too. I wish I could use it, but I have a cousin named Uma - it's too close.

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