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Thread: Quinoa

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    I saw this yesterday on Buzzfeed and LOL'd at Quinoa. Not because it was ridiculous but because I actually liked it! I've always liked the sound though I wouldn't use it (...well maybe as a mn) but I can imagine a hippie or hipster couple having a cute little Quinoa

    From your list, honestly the only ones I consider unusable are Houndstooth, Gaultier, Chevron, Barcelona and Fendi

    Kind of going along with Chevron, I think Murcielago is a nice sound (would never use). She could go by Murcie or if it's a boy, Lago

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    Yeah, Quinoa is weirdly appealing, though admittedly ridiculous. The "friends" list is meant to be random pretentious names, and to be honest, I think she nailed it.

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