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    THAY-lee-uh for me.
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    I say Thah-Lee-Ah. I don't know if that's right at all, but that's how I say it. I've never known a Thalia.
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    I say Thalia and Talia the same: with an "ah" as in "tall" (Tall-ee-ah). Second go-to would be a short "a" as in "cat." I've never heard it with a long "ay" sound....

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    If I saw this name, I would pronounce it TAHL-ee-uh. Very pretty!

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    Thalia is one of my favorite names. I'm Greek (but I live in the USA if that makes a difference, I'm not from Greece) and I met a girl a church named Thalia (I should've known I was a name-nerd because when I met her I said, 'OMG I love your name!'). She pronounced it THAL-ee-uh, and that's how I've always pronounced it and I prefer that pronunciation over the other ones. In Greek the name is Θάλεια, which would directly translate into Thal-ee-uh (I took 4 years of Greek language classes, so I know the alphabet and pronunciation pretty well, but don't hold me to it because its been a few years). I've heard people say that it should be Thal-LYE-uh in Greek, but I'm pretty sure that's wrong. I've heard other people pronounce it in many different ways, especially online. This would be one of the names that everyone pronounces their own way. I would say just pick the way that you like best and go with it.
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