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    pronunciation of Thalia?

    Hi everyone! I have been loving the name Thalia lately but I'm not sure how to pronounce it. I have heard TAHL-ee-uh, THAL-ee-uh, TAY-lee-uh, and THAY-lee-uh. So two questions: how would you pronounce it and is there one "right" way?
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    I pronounce it like "TAL(rhymes with pal)-ee-uh". But I hear "TALL-ee-uh" just as often as I hear the way I would say it. I don't think there is a right pronunciation(not in the modern world anyways!) So, basically, I didn't help you at all...haha!
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    I also pronounce it like TAL-ee-ah.

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    I new a girl who pronounced it ta-LEE-a. Her family was from Mexico, so I assume it was a Spanish pronunciation. I'm not sure there is a "right way" to pronounce it, because, like you, I've heard it lots of different ways. I say pick the one you like best.
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    I've been trying to figure this out as well! I've looked everywhere and it seems like there isn't a definitive (or even a prominent) pronunciation. The name's so unique that I think you can just decide your favorite pronunciation and go with it. I've read a few sources that say the original Greek pronunciation is thuh-LIE-uh, but I don't hear that near as often as THAHL-ee-uh or TAHL-ee-uh. It's gorgeous whichever pronunciation you choose!
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