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    Annemarie Belle is beautiful!

    Dexter Thomas- love!
    Ezra Caspian- love!
    Theodore Isaac "Ted"- nice flow, I prefer Theo and Teddy to Ted
    Orion Rhett- too r heavy
    Phineas Jasper- this combo makes me lisp, s heavy

    Lula Madeline- I knew a wonderful woman with this name, I really like it, I don't know how well it fits with Annemarie though, if that is a concern to you, it would make a lovely middle, I also like Madeleine Lula though it's a bit of a tongue twister
    Camille Hope- gorgeous!
    Josephine Vera "Josie"- beautiful flow!
    Penelope Rae- love Rae w/ the elegant Penelope!
    Serena Beatrice- a bit s heavy, I prefer Beatrice Serena, Beatric and Annemarie would be lovely as sisters
    Clara Persephone- pretty

    Excellent combos! My favorites are Dexter Thomas, Ezra Caspian, Theodore Isaac, Camille Hope, Penelope Rae and Josephine Vera.
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