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    brianne Guest
    My favorites from your list are Ezra Caspian for a boy & Lula Madeline or Clara Persephone for a girl. Congrats!

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    Congratulations! I love your daughters name and you have a great list for baby number 2 already

    Dexter Thomas. A very strong, distinctive name, I like this.
    Ezra Caspian Ezra's my favourite boys name but, like someone already said, it will sound better with a more classic middle. I love Ezra Thomas.
    Theodore Isaac "Ted". Love both names , the nickname is adorable too.
    Orion Rhett. Gorgeous name but you'd have to be brave to use it IMO. It's a bit 'out there'.
    Phineas Jasper. Lovely name.

    Lula Madeline. Lulu feels a bit unfinished, especially next to Annmarie. Could you use Tallulah perhaps?
    Camille Hope.nothing wrong with this but it's my least favourite from your list
    Josephine Vera "Josie". Beautiful, I love it.
    Penelope Rae. I love this, it's my favourite from your list to go with Annemarie.
    Serena Beatrice. Both beautiful, underused names.
    Clara Persephone. Clara is my favourite girls name, I would have used it if I'd had a girl

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    Congratulations... I see from your signature you are hoping for another girl (or haven't updated your OP here since you've found out the gender).
    Let see...

    Annemarie Belle

    BOYS: In general I think finding a boys name to match with an older sister is so much easier than another girls name. In my mind there is less of a need to make them sort of equal in length, meaning and flow. You could have a completely different style for boys than girls - a lot of my favorite boys names aren't great once nn's but it's a must for girls.

    Dexter Thomas - I love this combo. Spunky and classic. Badboys and romantic all in one. It's slightly edgier nature compliments Annemarie Belle really well.
    Ezra Caspian - I like both of these names individually but as far as combo's goes I think you have better - it's a bit choppy. Taking from your combo lists I'd suggest: Ezra Thomas or Caspian Rhett.
    Theodore Isaac "Ted" - This is cute. Depending on who your son is a more punchy nn for Theodore could be Thor. This is one of my favorites for you.
    Orion Rhett - I love Orion but it's too heavy on the R to match with another R heavy name like Rhett. Taking from your list I like: Thomas Orion or Orion Jasper.
    Phineas Jasper - I like Jasper Phineas for flow better but this one is nice.

    Lula Madeline - I love the meaning behind why you want this but Lula feels very mismatched with Annemarie. How about something like Louella nn Lula? Or usuing Lula as a mn and nn? Persephone Lula is beautiful as well.
    Camille Hope - I don't personally love Camille, and therefore find this combo less intriguing than many others on your list.
    Josephine Vera "Josie" - I love Vera Josephine. The names flow better for me this way but I like Josephine better with Annemarie. So conflicted here. I think end result.
    Penelope Rae - I agree with PP this is an absolutely beautiful combo.
    Serena Beatrice - Serena seems like it's from a different era to me than Annemarie. I like the combo but wouldn't use it if I were you.
    Clara Persephone - I like both but I think you have better combos above.

    My Favorites: Dexter Thomas & Penelope Rae.
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    Wow! You just found out! Congratulations!
    I adore Annemarie - always have. Annemarie Belle is a darling combo!
    From the names that you have so far, I like Dexter Thomas (it's on my long list). I love the suggestion of Jasper Thomas too!
    I love Vera! Why not use it as a fn? Vera Josephine seems to flow better. Lula is adorable too! It is a bit cutesy for a grown woman, so personally I would go with a longer name. Louise, Louisa, Luella, Luellen?

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    Dexter Thomas -- I love love love Dexter! I have never seen the serial killer TV show though, so I do not have that association. It is something to think about. It flows super-well with Thomas.
    Ezra Caspian -- Caspian is super. I do not care for Ezra, but also think it's one of those names that I will start liking if only I knew a cute little guy named that. I've never met one yet. I will say that I find the flow very weird.
    Theodore Isaac "Ted" -- This is very handsome combination.
    Orion Rhett -- This bothers me and I'm not sure why. I've always found Orion kinda odd, but I really don't like them together at all.
    Phineas Jasper -- I love Phineas (number 1 on my list), and I really like Jasper, but I think they have a very weird flow.

    Lula Madeline -- I want to like this best, since it is so much about your family, but I just dislike Lula.
    Camille Hope -- This is sweet! I like Camilla Hope better, but it's a beautiful combo.
    Josephine Vera "Josie" -- Cute, but nms.
    Penelope Rae -- Really nms.
    Serena Beatrice -- Serena is okay, but doesn't wow me. Beatrice is one of the most gorgeous names ever!
    Clara Persephone -- Clara is a big favorite of mine! It's gorgeous. I can't get past Persephone "Queen of Hades" though.

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