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    I love your taste in names

    From your boys my favorites are:
    Theodore Isaac- I love this name!
    Ezra Caspian

    I love the name Dexter but not with the middle name Thomas. Orion is a very handsome name as well but I don't like it with Rhett. Maybe Dexter Rhett and Orion Thomas?

    From your girls my favorites are:
    Penelope Rae
    Josephine Vera "Josie"

    I like Lula Madeline but I agree with the previous poster- it's to nicknamey next to Annemarie and I think a longer form of the name works better.
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    I love the significance behind Lula Madeline, but I don't think Lula works with Annemarie. Maybe consider using Lula in the middle spot?

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    1. Phineas Jasper Love this! It goes well with Annemarie.
    2. Theodore Isaac "Ted" Second choice. Very classic. These first two seem head and shoulders above the rest.
    3. Ezra Caspian Not my favorite, but it's all right. I think I would like Ezra better with a more classic middle name.
    4. Orion Rhett It's seems very unconventional next to the traditional Annemarie. I would love it, but it seems like out of style.
    5. Dexter Thomas. Dexter is the tv show serial killer, and not my style. Unless Dexter is grandma's or mom's maiden name, it sounds nothing like Annemarie. I like Thomas though.
    I would like Jasper Thomas, btw.

    1. Lula Madeline I like that it honors the sister. I might use Louisa as a formal name and Lula as a nickname. I like the family connections.
    2. Clara Persephone Nice combo. Don't be surprised when somebody from Nameberry steals it.
    3.Josephine Vera nn "Josie" Lately I have been daydreaming about having a Josephine.

    Good Luck!

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    Honestly, it doesn't matter if Lula makes a good sibset or whatever. It sounds fine, and I think that it's inportant to choose names that have personal meaning. I htink Annemarie and Lula is cute, and they won't really be a part of a sibset forever.

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    I love love love Theodore Isaac. I think Theodore and Annemarie are so lovely together as a sibset as well, ugh I want it for myself As for the girl choices, I think the fact that Lula Madeline has so much meaning for you and your family cancels out any concerns about it matching Annemarie. However, I would choose a more formal name from which I could derive Lula from (I think Tallulah is really cute, but thats just me). From your girl list I think Clara Persephone and Josephine Vera work really well! Good luck!

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